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The Plecostomus is a very hardy fish that loves to eat algae, especially when young!
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Natasha - 2014-06-18
I just got a Glyptoperichthys multiradiatus and Hypostomus punctatus that's about 5 years old. Put him in my 55 gallon tank with maybe 5 tiny fish. He's just laying there on the bottom, he seems to be breathing fine but his fin is laying straight down on his back is this normal? Not much movement is it because he's old?

barb tuck - 2014-04-05
Is it normal for a pleco to stay on its back for 5 - 6 hrs? I thought it was dying, then all of a sudden it went nuts (swimming, jumping, diving).. now it follows me when I pass the tank..

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-04-12
    That doesn't sound exactly typical, but it sounds like he is doing fine now. Just keep an eye on him to make sure you don't see any other signs of illness. Also do the recommended water changes (about a fifth of the tank once a month) and check the water quality and temperature.
Monique - 2014-02-07
I got a Pleco for our established aquarium with plenty of algae, it lived for one week. Mt temps are correct and my other fish are fine...was wondering what we did wrong before i get another one...any info would help. Thank You

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-08
    Pleco's are generally very hardy, a week suggests it may have had issues when you bought it. Talk to your supplier, they may replace it for you.
Kate H - 2012-10-02
I've noticed my little suckerfish going up for air several times. I'd not seen him do this previously. Am I worrying with reason or is this normal behavior?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-02
    They do this at times to help maintain bouyancy.  Also will do it when water conditions may need to be tested.
sonia - 2012-03-18
About the breeding. This happened completely by accident. I have a albino bristlenose longfined pleco and an albino pleco and they just had babies. There are about 18 of them and they are about the size of half a pea. They are pinkish orange and I can already see the fins. I find this to be quite the experience since they are in a 35 gallon tank with a variety of chilids.

Anonymous - 2012-02-02
Hi, um, my senegal bichir is in love with my pleco and I am very confused. P.S. my senegal bichir even brings the pleco its food if it isn't close enough to the hiding place!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-02
    AHH doesn't make much difference if you are confused - they don't seeem to be. No one tells an animal/fish/bird how to behave and they frequently behave outside what we think is the normal for the little fella. My daughters dog (big one) sleeps with the dwarf rabbit. My Queen (conure) is in love with my macaw. They're happy - why worry.