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The Leopard Plecostomus is one of the hardiest and most enduring of all catfishes!
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jim - 2004-04-26
I have two plecos in my 55 gallon aquarium. They are very entertaining and cool to watch. They are a very good aquarium cleaner because they suck the algae right off your aquarium. I highly recomand this aquarium cleaner to anyone who has lots of algae in their aquarium.

tim - 2004-04-21
I have these two plecostomus and they seem pretty cool to keep. And your site is great.

steve - 2004-04-07
Its easy to keep, it looks great and it keeps your tank clean. Everyone should have one.

James - 2004-03-28
I just got my pleco and it is a very good cleaner and also it is very cool and small.

Tyler Greer - 2004-03-26
The common pleco displays sexual differences in males by small barbels that grow around the mouth when they are mature, females have larger stomachs. As many of you have found, they can grow quite large, leading to good resale value. I have a clown knifefish, an arowana, two young plecs and a rainbow shark. All are carnivorous, but leave the 3" plecos alone.

caleb whittemore - 2004-01-05
I have two red wag platys, one male one female. They had sixty babys all in one ten gallon tank and they are getting bigger by the day.

caleb whittemore - 2003-12-02
I have a six inch pleco in a twenty gallon and he is a very good cleaner and he likes all the other fish in my other tanks.
I have 23 other fish.

Bee Hanna - 2003-11-24
I have two plecos right now, they grow steadily, so be prepared to upgrade your tank every few years. I have only encountered one very aggressive pleco, most of mine have been very docile and hardy. They live in excess of 6 years, more like 12, so I would suggest this fish to anyone who plans to keep an aquarium for a long time. They do eat plants, so use artificial plants instead of real ones, and bury the plant base in the gravel as a large pleco can easily rearrange a tank (i.e. send plants flying) with one swish of its tail.

Rob - 2003-10-13
I have two plecos in my tank. They are awesome cleaners, very hardy, and are a great addition to any tank. Mine are about 4.5 inches long and Ive had them longer than any other fish in my tank. They get along great with other fish (because theyre always eating they dont even notice other fish!).

~D - 2003-08-22
Ive got a pleco and unfortunetly I wasnt prepared for it. I have a 10 gallon and I got it when it was a cute 1/2 inch baby. Boy, now its a 2 foot monster in my pond out back. If its out in the shallow end and I have guests over, they are startled by its size.