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The Leopard Plecostomus is one of the hardiest and most enduring of all catfishes!
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kayla nelson - 2005-11-20
These fish are great and so is this site. I just love this awesome site. My one is about 6 inches. Oh yeah your sites the best fish site

Pale, bug-eyed, pleco-geek - 2005-11-19
Even when raised together, they WILL become aggressive towards their own kind (especially males). Plecos won't bother angelfish or discus (that's chinese algae eaters). They don't only swim in the bottom of the aquarium, they will stick to the sides too. Plecos do just fine in hard, alkaline water. Of course they don't eat blue algae, that's a colonization of bactieria, not an algae. The pictures at the top both depict Sail fin plecos, not common plecos. There are huge differences between different types of plecos, it's not simply a matter of color. Fish from the family ancistrinae ARE plecos.

tashfiq - 2005-11-19
These fish are a great community fish. At first he did kinda try to push my other fish but now he is doing great. He shares the tank with 5 goldfish, 2 rosy barbs, and 3 guppies (1 male guppy and 2 females). He lives in a 10 gallon tank. He once got attacked by a Chinese algea eater, but soon the Algea eater died. Plecos do the same job as a chinese algea eater but they do it better and they dont fight at all. They are much better to keep than the so called Chinese algea eater. He sometimes hides. Although they do starve, one was 7inches but he died because he starved. You may want to feed them algea waffers unless you think that there is enough algea for him not to starve. They live very well, do not waste your money on a so called chinese algea eater because they dont work well and they dont live as well as pleco. so just buy a pleco even though they might cost a bit more. But remember you will want a 5 gallon tank or more if want him to live long. Well thats all.

tashfiq - 2005-10-30
He is about 3 inches. I just got him yesterday. He is really great. He really big compared to my 2 gold fish and 2 chinese algea fish. He is the coolest pleco I ever had. October 30 2005

Pleco Collector - 2005-10-27
I have 4 types of Pleco and I love them all :) They're great fish, very friendly to the others in my tank, and keep the water really clean. I've had a Pleco that lived to be 13 years old, as well as had one that lived with a turtle, so they're obviously very hardy little guys ;) Feeding wise, they love wood, so if you have one, I suggest giving them some wood to munch on.

michael - 2005-09-11
Don't be so sure yours is a female, the comments about male plecs having bristles is only related to bristlenose plecs, a small species. Yours would not have bristles even it was a male.

Andrea - 2005-09-05
The fish with barbels-whiskers you're talking about in the comments isn't common pleco, but Ancistrus....anyway, pleco is my favourite fish, I had one when I was a kid, it grew up to 25cm....I still keep it frozen in my fridge...creepy, eh?
5 months ago I bought a new pleco, and he's alone in his tank, I don't want to waste time and money on other fish...he's my beloved one...I'm still sorry for my first pleco died(don't know why, it was 2 years old and everything was OK with it) so now i hope i'll manage to raise this new pleco properly, i hope it grows even larger and healthier than the first one.

Jo - 2005-09-04
My partner was given 2 large plecos (about 10") about a week ago. I think they are amazing and could spend hours just watching them. They seem to get on well most of the time and are never far from each other although the smaller of the two can sometimes be a bit of a bully/play rough. They live with 6 neons and and dont bother them at all. All in all these are great fish. They only problems is i cant tell how old they are.

david h - 2005-08-18
we have 1 pleco. we have a 67 gallon tank with a we have a big ornamental boat in the middle of it. the pleco stays in there all day, he only comes out at night. when he comes out he always sits on the wood which we have in it.

Joan Barton - 2005-08-14
My pleco, whose name is Pete after Pete on the television show "MacGyver" (that's how we keep track of her age) is about 15 years old and app. 11 inches long. We bought her for my oldest son. We always thought it was a male, but after reading some of the other comments, it would appear that it is a female. It has no "whiskers". Pete gets a daily diet of an algae wafer to make sure she gets enough to eat and doesn't have to depend on just the algae forming in the tank. About 5 years ago, I had to upgrade from a 20 gal. long aquarium to a 40 gal. breeder to accommodate her length. She's a real member of the family. Her only tankmate is a large pink parrot fish named Archamedes, who bugs her daily until she chases after him.