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The Leopard Plecostomus is one of the hardiest and most enduring of all catfishes!
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Buddy - 2007-10-15
I recently purchased a sailfin pleco to put in my 4x2x2 foot african tank along with a bristlenose near 3 times the size of my new baby sailfin! Being a little worried at the size difference, I woke up the next morning to discover the skeleton of my bristlenose and my sailfin eating away at it. I'm still blown away by this. I just bought another sailfin to add to my tank and still a little worried with the size difference between them, but they love being together. I have been looking at getting a gold spotted pleco to add to my tank, would be nice!

carson duffy - 2007-09-04
My pleco was the meanest 8-9 inch fish in the tank. he hid most of the time. we even kept it with piranhas, although i highly suggest you don't. the pleco had many hiding places that the piranhas couldn't get into. we often took the piranhas out of the tank for an hour or two so it could clean our 70 gallon tank without being bothered. this was 5 years ago when we sold all the fish. im thinking abought getting 2-4 plecos, no other fish, just them, or maybe some guppies or minnows also.

martin - 2007-06-10
Me and my husband bought a pleco at walmart 5 mins up the the street. We have had it for over a year now. We started it in a 10 gallon tank and moved it to a 45 gallon tank. It is about 8inchs long now. It keeps the tank very well maintained. It is a very dark color and can be camoflaged. Sometimes we can't find it in our tank even though it has grown so rapidly. About six months after, we bought a leopard pleco at the pet smart up the street. At first the plecos didn't get along to well. The first one we had would always chase the leopard away. But in time they seemed to come to an agreement. Every once and a while we would catch the dominant pleco showing that he or she is King/Queen of the castle.

carol - 2007-03-13
My Pleco just died, we are guessing he was around 20 years old! He or she had a very long life. He spent all of his life in a 20 gallon tank, he kept the tank spotless. He got to be about a foot long. When he started dying it was like his skin just started to deteriorate making the water cloudy. We tried antibiotics, checked the water and all was fine (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH). We finally decided there was nothing we could do and his time was just up.
We are now looking at other plecos. Such variety to pick from. We have a 55 gallon tank, a 30 gallon tank and the 20 gallon.

paul - 2007-01-17
I have 3 Sailfin pleco's, a Albino and a Chocolate Pleco (so i call it). I have them in two seperate tanks, one 4ft and one 6ft. They are the main attraction in my tanks and are normally well behaved. They do like there own space but argue when they have algae pellets and Zuchini. They get along with my Ghostknife's and Bristenose too. Sometimes come up for gulps of air for what reason i dont know but they seem to be happy. Found they do grow very fast and love to hide when i have visitors! Other than that, i will always have Pleco's in my tanks, just a pity you cant breed them (well easily anyway).
Thanks for the info on this site too it was a great help!

L. Vlahakis - 2007-01-17
I have two plecos in a ten gallon tank full of very fertile guppies. This morning during feeding, I noticed what appear to be three baby plecos on the wall of my tank. I thougth plecos didn't breed in captivity!

Jeffrey - 2006-11-19
I have a leopard pleco that my mom and I bought after our old one died, about 2 years ago (in a 50 gallon tank he grew to be about 12 inches in length). We got another one and it was 1.5 inches long two years ago; now he is about 8 inches. When we first got him, we thought he died because we didn't see him (he was so small). Sometimes he chases our Cichlid's around the tank, even though they are from Africa. We also have a crayfish and they get along just fine. He keeps our tank VERY clean. His coloring has changed since we first got him. At first he was very black in color, and now he in looking more like the leopard plecko I see in my aquarium fish book. I think he's pretty.

emma - 2006-11-02
I had a sailfin pleco that lived for over seven years and grew to 62cm. Beautiful, placid never ate any fish unless it had already died. Am looking at buying another as the tank is just not the same without him, Not to mention noticibly greener!

Holly - 2006-08-25
I just bought my pleco at the Wal-Mart a few blocks near where I live. After about half an hour of letting his baggie float in my tank to acclimate him to the water, I dumped him into the tank and he sank like a stone right to the bottom. About an hour or so later, My pleco inched itself to the back wall of the tank and attached itself there. A few minutes later after that, I fell asleep because I was too tired to keep my eyes open and watch him. However, This morning when I woke up, Half the algae on the back wall of my tank was gone!

Danielle - 2006-04-28
i have had my pleco for the past three years along with an upsidedown catfish, figure eight puffer, and goldfish. it has grown from one inch to over a foot and a half! loves his caves and hates anything that goes near it. although i have yet to see him attack the others, he does run them off. he is beautiful and does quite well considering that its with other aggressive fish, and a variety of foods even grapes and shrimp. personally our tank would not be complete if he was not there.