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The Leopard Plecostomus is one of the hardiest and most enduring of all catfishes!
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tilda - 2011-01-24
NEED SOME ADVICE! I have have had 3 common plecos all at different times, however I can't seem to keep them for more than 3 weeks! I have a well established community tank of which I spoil all my fish rotten! Each pleco I have had seems to be happy and doing well and then I come home to find it dead.... have I just been unlucky with my pleco picking or am I doing something wrong? I thought these were hardy fish.....

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  • bluarc - 2011-02-11
    Do you have smokers in the home that may be reaching into your fish tank? I use to smoke and my two boys use to put cigarette butts into my fish tank and it would kill all the fish. Some sooner than others. They did this on purpose. I didn't find out until many years later.
  • Donna Rose - 2011-02-11
    Don't expect your pleco to survive on algae or leftovers alone! Be sure to feed him. They love the sinking algae wafers. Zucchini, green beans and broccoli are all avidly consumed by any of the plecos we own. Microwave the veggies a little to soften them, cool and drop into tank late in the day. Remove any uneaten bits the next day. We have 7 different tanks, all with their own species of pleco: common, tiger, clown and some only known by their "L" number. We love these animals! Good luck.
Mel - 2010-10-27
I have a plecos and I have had him for twenty years. His name is Whopper. He is also about eight inches long and fin tip to fin tip width is at least five inches. He is also in a twenty gallon tank.

gunnar - 2010-03-28
It says that they are primarily vegetarian.. the one I have looks closest to the Leopard cat picture shown here, but it loves the red worms and brine shrimp I feed my other fish.. when he smells them, he flys out quickly to eat all he can, and he has grown incredibly large in a short time.. could this still be a Leopard Pleco..?

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  • Ashley - 2010-04-06
    Definitely could be....I have a community tank, and I feed my other fish Shrimp pellets (for the sharks but everyone else eats them of course! lol) and my Pleco goes crazy over them everytime.... Not abnormal for him to be eating the protein as well, just make sure he is getting enough vegetation too!
  • corey - 2010-07-17
    Yes I do the same and mine has grown rapidly they still like there protein too which is good for their breeding but they will eat almost anything like a yabbie.. I recently found my bristlenose going for it with my leopard sailfin pleco and have also found a heap of eggs would be interesting to see if they cross breed would explain the many of different species too...
Laura - 2010-06-08
Leopard Pleco and he is huge, hard to believe he would get any bigger in my 24 gallon tank. But I also was wondering if it is safe to keep him due to me having 2 dwarf frogs in my tank? I am worried about my frogs getting hurt as when he does want some flakes he swims fast.

dennis donato - 2009-08-05
Hi everyone, I just bought my first aquarium and I just enjoy every minute of it. I never knew how exciting it is to set up your aquarium and go shopping for it. I enjoy taking a trip to the local petland store and chosing among all the different types of fresh water fishes. I am happy to annouce that I am a proud owner of a blue gourami, a gold gourami, a tri-color shark, a red tail barb, a kissing gourami, a cat fish shark, and an algea eater. Thank you!for sharing my ethusiasim with you all and I hope and pray that there is someone out there that could experience what I have with my first aquarium!

Amy - 2009-08-04
Our pleco is about 5 inches long now and he was teeny-tiny when we got him. He is very active, even through the day, and not at all shy. We recently bought a golden nugget pleco also, he is really cute but we don't see him so often as he prefers to stay hidden. The larger pleco has started to latch onto some of our congo frogs I have noticed, they have very flat backs and I don't know if he gets confused sometimes as to what is food and what is a frog! :-)

ABBY - 2009-04-18
I love my pleco! Whenever my male balloon molly harrasses the female balloon molly when she's expecting, he'll (I'm fairly sure it's male) make him back off by disdracting his attention while the female has a chance to go hide in the plecos stump. X3 I think it's cute.

mark - 2008-12-16
I have 3 plecos. One of my plecos is a sailfin and I fear that he is not doing so good as he rises to the surface and sits on one side with some of his body out (It is always the same side).

Rene Ovadia - 2008-12-13
I have a redtail catfish and 2 plecos. My redtail is about 25cm long and the 1 pleco is about 15cm long. The other one is still young and hides all day in a wreck in my tank. I have just added 4 parrot fish and they all seem to get on very well just my redtail tried to grab everyones food after he has bobbled up his food. I'm just worried that my redtail will grow too large for my tank which is a 200 litre tank.

DAWN - 2008-10-25
I am having the same problem with my big guy, swollen gasping for air. Did anyone respond to you? I am not having any luck finding this on the internet.