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The Ocellated Synodontis is a catfish with plenty of spots, and sometimes very big spots!
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sammy_a - 2006-03-09
He is shy, spending most time in his cave. however, at night he comes out and re-aranges my tank, digging in the gravel and moving my plants! he eats loads too!

anthony - 2005-04-05
I have a 3 year old who is quite an active fellow.He loves chasing my Eupterus around the tank.I love my cats!!!

jessica y. - 2005-02-25
I love this fish! but they are hyper active. they torment my gouramies and play vollyball with my snail. But I think they are pleasant!

Andrew - 2004-03-13
A very hardy fish. I have had one for several years, he has been through a few tank changes, and has withstood high and low ph changes. Looks really cool, is easy to take care of and doesnt get too big like some catfish. He has even had some disease on his skin (my fault) and hes come back strong. He is very shy though, only really swimming around the tank at night when nobody is in the room.