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The Julii Cory is probably the most popular and often sold Cory. It is active and very attractive sporting bold central horizontal stripes, a spotted body, and six spotted bands on it's tail!
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kathy - 2007-11-08
I have 1 Julii. I love it. I also have 2 spotted corys. I wish I had more Juliis, I also love any corys as well.

max - 2007-06-04
these are a very interesting fish to keep. they can be playful. I recommend this fish!

Tony - 2006-09-12
In every tank I set up, I make sure to put at least 2-4 Corydoras in them, they are great to watch and keep the bottom clean, I love their look, to me they are like little armored tanks, chugging around...the most I ever kept in one tank is 3 Corydoras,2 Albinos Cats, And (1)big fat Emerald Green cat, and they all seem to get along great with all the other fish, also very easy to keep, as long as you do your regular water changes, everything will always be alright for everyone.. Happy Fishkeeping!!.. TSL/NYC

Debra - 2006-03-17
I just purchased a pair of juliis. I bought one at first and then found out that they are schooling fish and will not do well alone. Well when I finally got the other one (local lfs out of them for several weeks) the first cory went crazy. He was so excited to have a mate and since then they are inseparable. They are also pretty active and fun to watch. They are always swimming over and around each other, rarely more than an inch apart. So, if you want these cuties in your tank definitely get at least two and four is recommended. Unfortunately due to my tank size and the number of fish I already had I could only get two, but they seem happy to have each other.

So far very easy to maintain. Just feed them and watch them "vacuum" the bottom of the tank with their fascinating barbels. I would recommend this fish to anyone, but especially to someone with a smaller tank, since they only get 2" long when fully grown.

Henry Chua - 2003-09-06
It is always necessary to have bottom feeders for community tanks, as they work to help you rid your tank of any leftovers. They are highly recommended due to their beautiful appearance, their gentle behaviour, and adorable looks. Avoid adding to tanks with quiet & still fishes, as their active nature will probably be offensive.