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Iridescent Shark Catfish are very graceful, elegant swimmers and beautiful fish to watch!
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kathy - 2006-08-28
We had four of these sharks. They eventually grew too large for our 90 gallon tank. The largest one got to 15 inches. We found them new homes that could accomodate better for them. I don't know why I miss them so much, but I do. I read that some people have these guys in smaller tanks than we did. I hope that more people will be able to care for these fish like us. Keeping them in smaller tanks than 100 gallons is just wrong.

ariwan kai, - 2006-08-19
I'm not sure if this is the right one, ( there are several species that look quite similiar,) but it's quite peaceful. I used to keep it with otocinclus and angels, and one day an otocinclus was swallowed by it! My mother & I had to slowly remove the other fish (it was OK,) but our pangasius' ( nick-named bruce after the finding nemo movie baddie) was bleeding in the mouth for sometime after that. Then, sometime later, bruce had something wrong with its skin. Some of its skin peeled off. Till this day, I don't know whether it was attacked by another catfish or had become sick. Anyway, bruce survived but had to be given away as it was becoming too large for the home aquarium. I still miss its way of eating dried tubifex worm cubes with one gulp! Quite a good pet.

Amy from KY - 2006-06-22
I have 4 ID and they are great. I have had one of them for 4 years and he is about 13 inches long. They are a great shark. He runs the show in the tank and it's just fantastic to watch him grow.

Mike - 2006-06-10
100 cm is very understated for the true full size of pangasius. I work in a tropical fish shop and we had 3 pangasius in a huge heated pond along with Red tail cats and some pacu. The largest pangasius was easily 60 inches, and the smallest (using the term very lightly) was about 48 inches. For one full grown adult, you need at least a 15x5x4 foot tank.

Jamie - 2006-06-05
I've had my ID, Superman, for a little less than a year and he is doing pretty good. I was suprised how big he got in a very short amount of time, but I love having him in my tank with my Bala Shark, and Danios. He's very cute, and very fun to watch.

Conrad - 2006-04-12
My Pangasius, named "Che", has been with us for about 2 years now. He is very peaceful and does not bother any of the other fish (at present I have some tiger barbs, an archer, pleco, and loaches). When I started he was in a tank with an oscar, three angels, and a pleco. I had removed the oscar because, despite being the smallest in the tank, he terrorized everyone (it was really sad to give him away as he had such a loveable personality). Che is a peaceful fish, picks up infections easier than some of the other fish (so you have to keep a close eye on water quality), but is generally more resilient when it comes to getting better. They are very skitterish in the begining, but in time they get used to you and are very relaxing to have in the tank. A larger tank is recommended though because they grow big and like to have space to swim around, and enjoy having a current in the tank.

daphne - 2006-04-08
I've had these fish before, and I was fortunate to find someone with a 400 gallon tank for the 2 I raised.

Before you get any of these fish, ask yourself one question...

Taking into consideration a normal 3 inch danio and using the same proportions as you would with a 16 inch ID and a 55 gallon tank, you'd have a 3 inch danio in a 10 inch tank. A Tupperware container. Would you do this to a danio?

Then, don't do this to an ID and think it's OK. Big fish need huge tanks. Think before you purchase.

Dune - 2006-03-24
We have two ID's, 15" and 17", have had both for 6 years in a 130 gallon tank. While I love these guys, I would never buy this type of fish again...I constantly feel guilty about restraining them in a home aquarium - they need room to swim. While they love their powerhead and swim against the current, it's not enough for these big boys. Amazing fish because they get so amazingly big, however this characteristic also makes them a hard keeper.

pranto - 2006-02-26
These fish rock. They are like the bala shark. They dont bother anyone. They will get big. Trust me on this, if you really scare the pangasius shark, its gonna bang its head on the edges of the side of your tank, and then its gonna lie somewhere and not move at all for 5-10 minites.

Alex Cardinale - 2006-02-23
I have an albino Id shark that is 2 inches in a 120 gallon fish tank with 1 salvini at 2 inches,1 clown knife at 4 inches, and 1 fully grown silverdollar. This tank is peaceful, I want to keep it this way. ID sharks are good tankmates to have with fish, I would suggested them.