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Iridescent Shark Catfish are very graceful, elegant swimmers and beautiful fish to watch!
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Sean - 2007-08-27
Last night my Iridescant shark freaked out really bad when my aquarium lights were off. he freaked out so bad and splashed so much he got my aquarium light wet and shorted it out. now im afraid to plug it back in. I got a shock from the light, saw the light flicker on a bit after he freaked, and went to see if he hit the switch with his tail somehow. I turned it on and it worked, but shut it off and i could feel the electricity zzzzzz through my fingers. bah ..

Lisa - 2007-08-18
I've had my Pangasius for 7 yrs now. We have watched him grow from 3 inches long to 2 feet long. He has been a challenge!
We have gone thru many tanks because of his size and the amount of growth over the years. I can't begin to tell you how many times in the past I had wished we could find a different home for him. But I bought him and he is my responsibility. I wish that people would do more research on fish before they bring them home. Do a little homework and find out what you are getting yourself into. I know that that applies to me also.
We have the same problems. Tank getting totally trashed everytime he gets all worked up. All the sores on his mouth from beating his head on the glass. And of course all the mayhem when I clean his tank! He likes to attack my arm when I clean the tank!
But in the end, we bought him and we take the best care of him that we can.
He is comfortable in his 200 gallon custom tank. We keep the water VERY clean and he has a Pictus Cat for a buddy in there. He hates a well lit aqaurium and will thrash around constantly if the light is on.
My advice is to know what your getting yourself into before you buy one. It's a very long commitment.
We have 4 large aquariums and have our hands full with many types of fish. But we love them all.

Moya - 2007-07-17
I have two ID Shark and i love them very much. They always bring life to a 5 foot aquarium because they are always moving around. These fish can really eat, sometimes you think they'll explode. I want them to grow their full size so i put them in a 1200 gallon tank out doors, with about 20 koi and they are starting to grow fast. (Jamaica)

Gwenith - 2007-04-26
I also have a biggish fish tank. I have all sorts of fish in it, so i think ushaka (my siamese shark) is Kind of hapy. He also loves the new food we got for him. The brand`s name is Tetra Prima complete food. It is for all mid-water and bottom feeding tropical fish. I also have a problem with him that he gets spooked so often. Once he hit himself somewhere so hard he got this sore on his back. Usually wen hes done jumping around in the fishtank he lays head 1st in the corner on the ground. I heard they cant see good. Its no wonder he gets spooked so easily.

Elizabeth - 2007-03-20
I have had an id for about a year now. My neighbor was moving and couldn't take him with her so i took him. She gave him to me in a 10 gallon tank! she didnt know what kind of fish he was. when i got him i did some research and found out how big he gets and imeadeitlty found a bigger tank. Wow what a freak! I try so hard to make him happy but he gets so nervous no matter what i do. i am thinking now to find a good, and much bigger home for him. This way maybe he could swim further before he knocks his face into the glass walls. He makes me so nervous, if i would have known i would not have taken on such a responsibility. All of my other fish are perfectly happy. This fish should have always stayed in the wild. I think it is wrong that they are sold to just anybody without the proper size tank or better, a river! Anyway i have to find a new home for him. I am thinking maybe a big heated pond, with lots of flowing water.

Shawn - 2006-11-09
I have 4 ID sharks (3 jet black). All are 5 to 6 inches, 1 albino 3inches),,2 parrot (1 orange, 1 red), 1 catshark 5 inches(grey), and 2 plecos. I've had my 55 gallon tank for about 3 months now and i'm ecstatic with it. I used to have 2 more ID's, a bala shark and an apollo shark, but they died:( (I might have put them in my tank too soon). Anyway i love my ID's. My girlfriend says i love them more than her! I'm just hoping i can keep them long enough to grow as big as they can. I know i'll have to upgrade my tank too, so i will. I just like to sit down drink a beer and watch my fish, especially my ID's. Even though my catshark likes to chase around my ID's sometimes i leave him in there, but i might just have take him out. If i had it my way my tank would be strickly ID sharks, but the different fish give the tank some character and color, and my girlfriend talked me into it. At first my ID's would stay in one area of the tank but now they swim around, i guess because of the catshark. But that's what i want... them to stay active. I plan on getting maybe one more ID and then i'll be good. Oh yeah, my tank is powered by a 2217 eheim filter and a whisper 40 overflow which does a heck of a job along with a water change once a month!

Sarah - 2006-09-25
Hi i bought my first two sharks two months ago and they are doing really well. Hunter the bigger of the two has gotten very big fast. the smaller one, shadow, is growing well. i have them in a 90 gallon tank along with some blue acara and some other catfish and they all get along fine just for now any way. My friend had two pangasius and they have grown to a huge two and a half feet. he is now looking for some where to re-home them as they are rapidly out growing his largest tank. They are an amazing fish and i am really enjoying watching them grow. A must have if you are dedicated!

Amber - 2006-09-16
Iridescent Sharks are amazing firsh, however there are a few important things to keep in mind. They get HUGE!!!! When places say 3' they aren't kidding, in three months mine grew from 1 1/2 inches to 6". They are very skiddish and will rub their noses raw. Also, when they get sick, they come down with it very fast. These are not the type of fish to wait and see how they do, treat them immediately. Mine thrive wonderfully with organic treatments, they do the job but are not aggressive. Also, remmeber that these are scaleless fish, only give them a half dose. Big ones might live through a full dose but the little ones will not and need to be treated delicately. Fun fish, playful, great personality, hardy, love greenery. I would highly recommend if you are dedicated to a pet. Just remember the long term size.

Amber - 2006-09-16
I purchased two irridescent sharks, Ace and Hannah, back in early June of 2006, it is now september and Ace has grown from 1 1/2" to over 6". I started with just those two in a 30 gallon tank, but Ace had difficulty making the turn in the 12" depth of the tank, so I moved up to a 55 gal and hope that it lasts him at least another year. They are easily spooked and fun fish. I bought a chinese algae eater and they chased the poor thing around the tank for 2 weeks before they got board trying to catch him. Ace, my big one is calm and likes to sleep in a plant for most of the day, but as soon as evening hits, or I put food in the tank he is terribly active. Hannah swims constantly everyday. I love these fish, and they have been a great inspiration for my friends to get fish, however it is important to realize how big they can truely get. I never imagined they would get this big this fast. I thought my 30 gal would last at least a year...but now I'm not sure even how long this 55 will last him. Ace loves to have the extra length of the tank to swim in. If you are interested you might want to consider a long low tank. Make sure to put a lid on the tank because they can jump pretty high out of the water. mine love pellets, and ace, being a lazy man waits for the food to get caught on the filter so he doesn't have to hunt. They are very hearty eaters and the more they eat the faster they grow. They are graceful and fun swimmers. they also tend to play opossum when they get scared, floating belly up for several minutes every time I run the vaccumn. They are the dominant ones in my tank, and hardy fish. I moved 12 hours away this past august and they made the trip in their tank behind my seat, and recovered well for all the jostling. Easy fish to care for and now that I have added a few fish in my tank seem much more active. They love the plants. If you are willing to make an investment in a large tank, they are definitely worth it. I can't imagine having any other fish, they stick together to protect one another and have an amazing personality.

Wade Haines - 2006-09-05
Hi I have a had two. one beautiful albino irr shark he grew to 10 inches long and died mysteriously. I still have a blue one i named sharky. I had 3 severums and two black acaras in the tank. a flesh eating super bacterial bug killed them all but sharky (who I have had for going on eight years now) lived and is all alone doing fine. he is 16 inches long and I dont see him getting any bigger. I had all these fish in a 55 gallon tank. all was well for 5 years straight. So they are great fish to keep and have a personality toward their owners. he lets me pet his head, he comes and greets me when i come near the tank. Oh yea and he was skittish at first then over time he grew on me. I love him so much and I am so happy that hes still living. Anyways I hope this helps someone out there in cyberspace in keeping one of these very intelligent and loving fish.