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Iridescent Shark Catfish are very graceful, elegant swimmers and beautiful fish to watch!
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matt - 2010-09-21
I have a turtle with two I'd sharks and 2 golden pleco's they all get along great till I get bored and start moving decorations around. Bad me! They recently all moved in together and has been two weeks so far and haven't had any issues and frank the turtle loves the company. No aggression what so ever. And the is sharks love swimming around him. The pleco's hide a lot though. The fish around about 2" in length and franks about 3 1/2" and in a 80 gallon tank currently half full. Wasn't warned about the is sharks and space and how much room they need. Wondering when they would need more space and how much for there size, and growth.

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  • steve - 2010-10-07
    Hi, just to let you know that my pangasius is around the 20" mark and still growing. Will be moving him into a 7x3x2 lxwxh soon. I am looking for another large one for him to shoal with.
Tan Hui Chun - 2010-09-27
Can I feed my pangasius catfish with bare hands? What is the maximum size of id shark? Is their size is according the size of the tank and diet?

David Morales - 2009-12-24
I had a 6 inch pangasius since it was only 1 inch ,but it was eaten by my red tail catfish. They had gotten along with the other fish in my 29 gallon tank. In the tank there is a red tail catfish,marble sailfin catfish, tiger shovelnose, tiger oscar, and red belly pacu. Better luck next time. I now moved them to a 350 gallon tank.

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  • Nathan - 2010-09-15
    I love your assortment of fish I google imaged all of them, VERY COOL.
Dave - 2010-04-01
Has anyone had any experience with having one of these cats in a koi pond?

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  • motasm - 2010-05-28
    They need special temperature.
tyler - 2010-03-02
Where do u buy an iridescent shark?

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  • Lois - 2010-03-18
    I feel the need to warn you that these fish need a very big aquarium because their organs grow from the inside and they will die a very painful death if not in a huge area. My son's sixty gallon tank was not sufficiant and it was heartbreaking experience
Amy - 2010-01-20
I have a Pangasius catfish named George. I have had him since he was about 1" and now he is about 14". He is best friends with my 6" Oscar and they run the tank! I have a couple of Texas Cichlids and a Pleco in the 125 gallon tank with them. Yesterday I noticed that my Oscar layed eggs and that George was the supposed father. I know they will never hatch but I think it's funny that this un-likley pair chose each other. They make quite the site rubbing on each other and chasing the other fish away from their eggs. This is the first time this has happened and reading about Oscars, I hope she doesn't do this every month or I will have to remove the Texas Cichlids.

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  • yashwin - 2010-02-26
    You have cichilds with 6 inch oscars. They are not compatiable tankmates, just remove them as quickly as you can.
Rajan - 2010-02-06
I am in chennai, India. I bought 5 Pangasius cat fish and 2 silver tiger shark at 3" size some 4 years back. First I put them in a normal fish water tank of 100 liters, after that I shifted them to my bath tub, and now I built a wall tank of 300 gallon capacity. Now their size is almost 2.5 to 3 feet. But one is only just 6". The silver tiger is 1 feet. I am feeding only pellets. Is they breed...
What is the maximum life span and size they grow up.
I had put some gold fish also in the same tank one year back and all are playing in good harmony without fighting.

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  • saurav - 2010-03-18
    brother...can u plz tell me from where did u get silver tiger shark..actually..i'v gt "pangasius catfish" which are named sharks(duplicate) in i'm looking for real sharks...can i get them??tiger sharks r not freshwater do u have d real1??if so..then do tell me from where i can get indian sharks are bull sharks..(very dangerous) n we cant get them(trade is banned) :-(
Jeremy - 2009-12-18
We just got one in like a forty gallon tank, and it ate one of our fish.It's only an inch and a half long. My mom doesn't believe me. But w/e it'll be fun to watch it play out.

Mr Mike - 2009-11-23
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lindsay bell - 2009-11-21
I love how peaceful fish are, that is why I got my second tank which was a jewul 190 litres with built in filter and pump. It is in the corner of my room and the main attraction to my tank is my approx. 7-8 inch pangasius catfish who has no name as I couldnt decide on one. I have other catfish and mollies in my tank, but he is my favourite. I got him at birth and now he is around 3 and half years old. I wanted to go to a marine set up within my tank but I would never be able to give away my catfish.
My pangasius likes to eat flakes, pellets, algae pellets, bloodworms, dafnia, brine shrimp.. basically anything which is smaller than his head. I bought a new plec about a month ago, it was only in the tank 1 hour until my pangasius had eaten him =(...However, that will show me not to buy anymore fish as small as him haha..) He likes to be hidden and has his own territory within the tank. He sits under my filter, but when I walk in my room he will come up to the top as he knows he may get fed (greedy!). He is very chunky and his eyes are starting to glaze over. I think he may start to become blind. When I clean out the tank, which takes ages as well, I try not to take very long as the longer my hand is in the tank cleaning it, the more distressed he gets. Pangasius catfish are very 'bashful' fish as they seem jumpy and skitterish. Mine seems to swim as fast as he can around the tank banging into everything. Therefore, I would recommend taking out all orniments carefully when cleaning so that they do not injure themselves. I have also started taking mine out of the tank when cleaning as he calms down a lot whem I'm not in the water fiddling with things.
I have been able to hand feed him as well, believe it or not. When he is not so scared I will hover my hand over the top of the water so he thinks it's just normal feeding time. Then when he gets near the top I get some peas and give them to him. He loves peas for some strange reason. I have been doing this since he was a baby, that's why he will do it.
If you are new to these types of fish I would recommend doing a bit of homework on them. I am only 17 and I'm still trying to get it right after having fish for most of my life. So do some research.