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Iridescent Shark Catfish are very graceful, elegant swimmers and beautiful fish to watch!
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Anonymous - 2005-04-04
Whatsup Everyone. I just started with aquariums around october 2004. I had a small 30 gallon tank, which I recently upgraded to a 65 Gallon. I had 2 Irrid Sharks, (Frankie & Johnny). They seemed to get over any sickness that came about them. They were about 4" long, but recently Frankie just passed away. I think it was because the PH level was too high. I was soo upset about it, I went to petland and purchased 4 babies. Now they are all schooled together, they ususally hangout on the right side of the tank. Not sure why but they were even doing that in the pet store. I also have 2 Laporanis (I think thats how you spell it), 3 Red Tailed sharks, 1 6 - 7 " plecco, and 2 babie pleccos (about 2 - 3"). I feed them frozen brine shrimp a few times a week, they all love it. I feed them 3 algie discs, about 15 - 20 cichild pellets, and about 10 - 15 shrimp pellets, twice a day. They all seem to love it. And when they eat it all up, I still see them scavenging all over the bottom of the rocks looking for more food!. I am now doing 50% water changes at least twice a week. Every time I do a waterchange, I add about 6 - 10 capfulls of tap water conditioner, I sprinkle some aquarium salt around, and add about 6 - 10 capfulls of cycle. If I need to, I will add a little bit of PH minus when I do a water change. Maybe 2 or 3 little spoon fulls. I am trying to keep my tank as well balanced as I possibly can, Yet it is very diffacult.

Zara - 2005-03-14
I have had a Pangasius cat fish for 2 months now. it was very stressed when in the aquatic shop and I was told not to expect it to live, but as soon as I got it home it immediately up and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It is at present in a community tank with mainly gouramies, 2 angels, rosie barbs, 2 reed fish, a sail fin pleco, and some tetra. I will be moving it to another tank with a couple of the largest of the other fish from my community tank soon, to give it more room to swim and grow. I would recommend a Pangasius to anyone who likes exotic and friendly fish, they are great. I am really glad I rescued it.

Panther86 - 2004-10-17
I had mollies before my iridescents. I have only had them a couple of weeks and I can already notice a HUGE difference in feeding traits! They are the kind of aquarium fish you can sit and watch all day. I was slightly disappointed when I found out they are not generally a breeding fish. I would love to breed and sell them like I did my mollies. But they are good fish for pets, too.

Denise - 2004-10-12
We bought our Pangasius from PetSmart too. The information there says it grows to 8". It is now 16" and still growing! The description on this site is very accurate. I will say, Pangasius can be very sweet when they get used to you. Ours is in a 50 gallon tank with five Cichlids and a Plecostamus. We need to go to a bigger tank now because the Pangasius is banging around and needs more room. Oh, it makes a mess when it has to go. Its really increased our need for tank cleanings!

VeNuS - 2004-09-06
I have a 30 gallon tank, with 11 shark/catfish. 6 of the black tips
and 5 of the iridecent 3 of the 11 are almost 7 inches long.
I can not get over how fast they are growing.
I also have in my tank, 4 Angel fish, 2 Kissing Grouramis, some pink & blue tetras, some mollies, 2 loaches, 2 bottom feeders, and 4 bottom feeder catfish.
At Xmas I am going to be getting a 55 gallon tank to put them in.
I found all the stuff on this webpage very useful.
Any ideas as what I can put in the 55 gallon tank to make them more comfortable?

flip - 2004-09-01
When I first got the 10 " shark he would not eat. It took 2 months for him to relax enough to eat with the light on when I drop in sinking discs. However it still has a damaged nose from when it banged into the glass when I first brought it home. It healed some but there are still 2 spots that are raw and dont heal.

Dean - 2004-08-28
hi. i have a large 12 inch pangasius and 3 small 3 inch ones. i find these fish very communal fish and get along with fish such as discus, sharks, elephant fish, plecs, and all sorts although his favourite companion is the small 3 inch shark cat which i recently bought. this fish also enjoys an actinic blue bulb during the night. this still gives a visual on the tank and it also brings his striping blue markings up. he is currently in a 7ft tank and loves it.

paul - 2004-01-18
Hi, I have an irridescent shark/sutchi and i dont recomend it to beginners because he gets frightened very easy, but if you show him who is boss when you are cleaning the tank and let him get used to you he will go to the other side of the tank and wont flip out.

Briana - 2003-12-19
Hi, I have a Pangasius Cat (who only has one eye) and he was almost dead when I got him (purchased him from Petsmart where they said they only grow to 6"! HA! I purchased him because they were ready to throw him in the garbage can!). This fish took a day to unstress but is very healthy now. He was only about 2" when I got him and now is about 6 1/2". He used to dart into things and skin himself up until he got used to the surroundings. Was very scared when anyone walked up to the tank and now LOVES people! He comes over and stares at you with his one eye and goes into a feeding frenzy when he gets his green floating pellets. He is in a 55 gallon with a large pleco, a banjo cat, 4 corys, a spotted green puffer, and a pearl flowerhorn. Everyone gets along great. He will be going into larger tanks when he gets bigger and will eventually have a redtail cat as a friend when large enough. Good luck to everyone with their fish and happy holidays!

mike o,shea - 2003-12-09
HI IM MIKE FROM PAIGTON i have a sutchi. i think these fish are great and they have alot of character. i have been keeping fish for about 5 mouths and im learning fast. the sutchi was one of my first fish. i dont recommend this because they are hard to keep as my first sutchi died. but i didnt give up i bought one a week later and had it ever since. sutchis are usually first to catch illness as parasites can attach themselves to them more easily. my sutchi is in quarantine with ulsers on his nose from darting about the tank but is recovering. he will go into my 6x2x2 ft. when hes fully grown ill have a 8x4x2 ft.