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Iridescent Shark Catfish are very graceful, elegant swimmers and beautiful fish to watch!
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joe - 2005-10-20
I bought my shark at Pet Supermarket, I thought he would be a excellent companion for my aqurium, right now he is a total of 13 inches. He has lots of companions in his tank with him, 2 plecos, 1 bala shark, 6 gourmis, 2 angel fish, 1 tin foil barb, 2 black sharks, 2 silver sharks, 1 tetra pleco (stick bottom feeder) they get along good. He is very interesting to watch, sometimes when he swims through the tank he opens and closes his mouth he looks as though he's talking. He is a wonderful fish and I hope I have him for a long time.

Dan - 2005-09-20
Hello I just wanted to warn everybody that these sharks (catfish) get very large. My girlfriend had 2 of them and they were getting too large for her 22 gallon tank, so she asked me to take them into my 42 gallon Octogon. Well the cute little 5 inch fish is now 15 inchs and the other one is about 7 inchs. I now need to either get rid of them or build me a larger tank, I believe I will build a new tank. If they out grow that I do not know what to do then. Good luck with your sharks.
P.s. my are named JabberJaws (large) and Sharky

Anonymous - 2005-09-04
I just wanted to say that my pangasius are awesome! And full of personality! Although i only have two, they are quite a handful! their tank mates are 2 opaline gourami and a dragonfish. and strangely enough, they seem quite taken with the dragonfish, always playing near it. this is my first tank, and i'm learning a lot about the fish every day. but i am definitely happy with them!

Toni - 2005-08-26
These are the best fish for your tank. Mine are almost 2 years old and 5-6 inches long. Their colors are blue silver when happy and gray black when not. I keep their tank (55)at 80 and dont do much but feed them every night at 11 pm. Im getting interrested in trying to breed but have heard, this can be difficult. I hear they can get up to 39 inches but I doubt I will ever see that, but Im trying. I will write back when they hit 8 inches.

RICH - 2005-08-08
I am sad to say that my pet "Sharky" died yesterday 8/9/05. I had him for.... are you ready?.....22 years! He was about 1 inch long when I bought him and was almost 12 inches when he passed on. I kept him in a 20 gallon long aqaurium with his only other roomie a 15 year old Rafael catfish. He probably would have grown bigger in a bigger tank but he was big enough for me. After a proper, respectful grieving period, I am going to restock the tank with lots of small peaceful fish like neons, guppies and angels. Farewell Sharky, I will miss you! :(

Kristina - 2005-07-27
One of the most easily frightened fish I have ever come to know. Nevertheless, when it comes out of hiding to feed or swim it's always a pleasureable sight!

-[?]- - 2005-07-26
My sharks were killed by my fish very easily. note: keep with non-violent fishes like tetras because the sharks dont fight back when bit.

Rob - 2005-07-10
i have had my iridesent shark for 2 months now and he really hasn't grown much. granted he's in a 10 gallon but that's only until my 280 comes and cycles. i never see him he's always hiding. he's in the tank with 3 zebra danios a red swordtail a pleco and an algae eater. god i hope that tank comes soon. i had a 100 gallon that cracked so i had to put them in my nursing tank...but it gave me an excuse to buy a bigger tank.

Julia - 2005-06-16
I wanted to write this about my I.D Sharks. I love these guys. they are very challenging fish to keep. One of the two has had Ich, fungus, bumped his nose really bad into the side of the tank in a mindless flight and now he has developed some bacterial ulcers. He made it through all of this. A great fish to have...very hardy to have survived through all this! I bought them when they were just babies and they are now 6`` long in a matter of 4 months of ownership. I love them so much when ever I sit in front of their tank they come right up to me and swin in front of me...always being sure they keep an eye on me to make sure I am watching :) Very adorable. They were very nervous at first but now if I put Cichlid pellets in the palm of my hand and than put my hand in the tank they will feed from my palm...provided I don`t move at all. I definately recommend these guys to anybody who is able to provide alot of care, proper housing and attention the most important one. You have to catch diseases when they first start, hence, the attention part. It is sometimes difficult to see things on their bodies since they are so multi-tone. Overall a fantastic fish to own. Would do anything for them personally :)

jen - 2005-05-07
I have been keeping and breeding fish for over 18 years now so believe me when I tell you that you all are gonna need much bigger tanks for your irridescent sharks. My 5 year old shark is at least 16" and had to be moved to a pond. One 2500 gal outside pond for summer,(yes I built an elaborate pond on account of 1 big fish) and a 280 gal pond for winter in my basement. The shark now shares his ponds with koi and goldfish. Not the ideal setup ie. tropical mixed with coldwater, but they all have gotten along fine for the last 3 years, no deaths or illness of any kind. The biggest koi, only 3 years old is almost as big as the shark now. The ponds were needed after the shark outgrew my 90 gal tank, the biggest tank I have at this time(not by choice of course). Too many injuries were occurring in the 90 gal, resulting in much scar tissue on his nose.