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The Featherfin Catfish is a pretty fish with delicate lacy fins and a polka dot patterning!
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sean - 2010-04-27
Hi I have a leopard sailfin pleco. In the last week or so he's been having some trouble. He lives in a 10 gal tank and is around 7in long. The water has recently cleared and there is a piece of wood in the tank. I just tested the pH and it's around 7.6. His dorsal fin seems to be getting eaten away in between the spines(?) and he's not swimming around that much... every now and then he kind of wipes his tail and flexes his fins. He also seems to be swimming to the top of the tank and taking a mouth full of air then going back to the bottom. He only does this once in a while. I put stresscoat in and freshwater biozyme and a little sea salt I'm afraid to do anything else. I hope someone can help I've had him for a few years now. Thanks.

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  • rob - 2010-05-28
    10 gallons is way too small for a 7" fish! The fish you have will reach 18" and requires a minimum off 100 gallon tank! Being in a tank that small he will have very little room to swim the water will foul very quick as they are a messy fish! He takes the air as it helps with the digestion of his food. The fins could be going due to fin rot which comes from poor water conditions. What is your water stats? Ammonia, nitrate and nitrite?
Bri - 2010-03-03
I have five african cichlids and a featherfin in my 29gal. I want to add an algae eater, any suggestions?

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  • Katie - 2010-03-05
    I would recommend either a rubber lip pleco, a clown pleco, a bristle nose pleco, or a trio or more of otocinclus. All of these stay 5 in. or less.
Calvin - 2009-02-07
I have a featherfin catfish in a 50 gallon tank with 3 silver dollars and 3 angelfish. I bought it at 5 cm, which quickly turned into 12 cm. I used to have two striped raphael catfish, until my featherfin beat them both to death, a very sad ending for them, I really loved those two. I was so furious with my featherfin that I almost took it out and wanted to drop it in a pot of boiling water, but even though it is a brutal fish, I can't do such a cruel thing to my pet. But now I'm aware that mine is particularly aggressive and territorial to other bottom dwellers. Many months have passed, and my once 5 cm baby catfish is now a 6 inch eating machine. He loves to eat anything within reach(flakes, pellets, bloodworms), if not, it will reach for it. I now see it very often. I never see him hide in his cave, usually it is spotted swimming upside-down, very common among Synodontis species. He is now the most peaceful fish in the tank, because he has the whole bottom part of the tank for himself. I hope he grows to a full eight inches soon, I really want it to reach its maximum size.

Spiff - 2009-01-26
Please, I hope nobody reading this decides to stock their tanks like some of the other commenters. 2 of these catfish with any other large fish in a 29gal is too many. 1 bala shark can't live in a 29 gal, let alone the 2 + plecos + synos that one person describes. Once these guys reach adulthood, they really ought to have a 55 gal or bigger to explore. Even if you only have 1.

alec - 2006-09-30
i have two featherfins in a 10 gallon tank with a bunch of other community fish. One is about 4 inches now and is highly territorial to the other feather. They tend to be a little nocturnal; they completely hide themselves when i turn the tank light on. I find that they change colors when i put them in different tanks. Right now its pitch-black on the black gravel but when i put it in my other tank, with white gravel, it becomes a lot lighter and his spots are visible. Right now all they will eat are sinking wafers and bloodworms. They are great fish and have beautiful fins.

ashley - 2005-11-21
I got a Lace Cat about a year ago. I have an unusual assortment of fish, but they work wonderfully together! I have a 50 gallon with 4 HUGE goldfish, 1 butterfly pleco, 3 cory cats, 2 apple snails, and my beautiful Lace Cat. The lace cat has grown like a champ! I cant believe how much it has changed and the size it is now! It is wonderful to watch, I am just fascinated by him. He does hide during the day, but he'll come out if I feed them. I just think he's a wonderful addition to the tank!

Andrew - 2005-10-09
I bought my lace cat from Wal Mart 8 months ago, and he is great. I feed him catfish pellats and flake food. He NEVER comes out during the day, though. He is completely nocturnal and stays inside his pirate ship decoration all day. Sometimes, I don't see him for a month. Also, he has not grown much. I think he has grown only an inch! He is kept in a 72 gallon tank with 3 cory cats, a stick catfish, an angelfish, two silver dollars, and two blue rams. when he comes out at night, it is fun to watch him swiming around furiously, searching for food. And if anyone gets too close to him or his pirate ship, he chases them away. He is the leader of the tank, for sure. This is a wonderful fish, and great for beginners.

Pamela - 2005-09-09
We purchased two catfish from Wal-Mart on July 29, 2005. They had them labeled as cory cats. I found out on September 9, 2005 that they were lace cats. When we first got them, they were the same size as a small cory (about 1 inch long). One is almost 5 inches long now and the other one is a little over 5 inches long. They have grown a lot in one month. We feed them the same thing our other fish get fed; high quality flakes and newborn guppies. They are in a 29 gallon tank with two pacus, two bala sharks, one tiger barb, two tetras with a single spot on the tail, two small danios, two large danios, one red tail shark, and one sailfin pleco. Every fish we have bought has tripled in size within one month of their purchase. We have had our balas for nine months now and they are over ten inches long. People have told me they are a few of the biggest they have seen. But the prettiest fish we have are the two lace cats and they are fun to watch.

Tom Williams - 2005-06-03
I have had an upside-down catfish for about 2 years now,but it is not like the other upside-downs that I have seen. It is about 8 inches long, all black with a few white spots peppering the sides. He likes to hide in plants, and when he hides near the surface, he lets me put my finger in the tank and rub his soft little belly. He is my favorite fish, and that is saying a lot because I have 7 overstocked tanks at home.

Kevin - 2005-01-26
It is 26 January 2005. I purchased two lace catfish in April 2004. They were about 1.5 inches from tip of head to tip of tail when I purchased them. they are now about 4.0 inches now! They are fed various food; wafers, flake, chiclids pellets, live earthworms, chicken, etc. They seem to be nocturnal; I do not see them often during the day. They prefer to stay under the driftwood or in the lace rock caves. They are very strong and fast swimmers. I had them in a 46 gallon tank with Cichlids and botia until last night. I moved them to a 40 gallon tank with Angle fish, neon tetras and cory cats. My cichlids had babies and I am afraid that they might be eaten.