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The Featherfin Catfish is a pretty fish with delicate lacy fins and a polka dot patterning!
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ben - 2009-12-29
I bought my featherfin around 3cm and now its at full grown 15cm.
It tends to hide but will come out when feeding and I have found it swimming upside down near the surface of the water many times (thinking it has died!). Very hardy fish and cleans the bottom of the tank very well, but is territorial and doesn't like people looking at it (mine flinches and will try to hide even more when people look at it).

Word of advice, DO NOT keep with Neons, Cardinals or Rummynoses in the tank, it waits till they are asleep at night and gobbles them down. I have lost 15 cardinals over a few weeks and 7 rummynoses in one night to this eating machine. Unfortunately I had to separate my featherfin from my main tank due to these incidents...

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  • denise - 2011-04-06
    "Ben," I praise you for you comment. I have a large tank with a male betta, 15 neons a pleco,a few mollies and platys, 3 danios, 10 corys,1 frog. I recently added a featherfin. I started noticing my platys starting to act strangely, one looked real stressed and later died, another 2 are now poorly and I seperated them from the other fish. Then I noticed one of the teras was missing an eye, by that evening it was dead. Then another tetra was missing an eye. I couldnt understand what was going on, the tetras have been in the tank over 2 years now with no problems, the platys have been there about 18 months, again with no problems. I have spent hours looking for info on featherfins and tetras but to no avail, till I found your comment.... so thank you very much. i suppose I have no choice but to take the problem fish back. thanks again
  • Maddie - 2011-07-06
    I brought a featherfin over a year ago (originally sold to me as an upside-down catfish). He/she has grown to about 13cm. It's kept in a 200L tank with 2 silver sharks, 3 angelfish, 3 kuhli loaches, 2 paki loaches, about 10 neon tetras, and several mollies, platies, guppies and swordtails. My featherfin has gotten along fine with ALL of my fish, even though he/she is the biggest in the tank. It always seems scared at any slight movement.
    Only yesterday I brought another featherfin, this one however is about 18cm, and a lot fatter. Today I've noticed my smaller featherfin following the other. Once the new one notices its being followed, it chases my smaller one in circles. Can anyone tell me whether they're playing? Courting? Or bullying each other?
  • Jacki Wooge - 2012-11-12
    I've been going crazy with trying to figure out why my fish keep dying one by one. I have neons they've all survived as of yet but I've had mollies and guppies just start acting weird and then die. Sometimes I see a red spot on them. Ive been wondering if it was the lace catfish.
Windy Page - 2014-07-06

I have had a feather fin squeaker for 6 months in a 40 gallon. He was under 1 inch when I got him and now he is 8 inches!! He's a gorgeous but very, Very Bossy fish with every and all hiding places he can fit into. All of his tank mates have been with him from the start and only my three pacu can match his growth speed if not out do him. I have two massive tanks waiting for the big guys but can't quite afford the stands yet. But get this, the pace range from 3 inches to 9 inches! All started off as see thru teenie tiny babies. My poor serape tetras just don't get why their schooling buddies out grew them! Way, way too many fish in this tank but all started so small and cute. I do a 40 water changes every two days and massive over kill on the filtration. Wish I could start a ' help me afford a stand' donation fund! Lol. Would even try building one but I don't have a saw!

Alexander - 2004-02-23
Featherfin Synodontis (eupterus) is a relatively peaceful community fish, that cohabitates in my 90G tank with 5 bumblebee Gobies, one Gold Nugget Pleco, one Zebra Pleco and one Gold Line Pleco.
Recently, I added one Synodontis Angelicus after changes in the tank, that made it more structurally complex (meaning adding more hiding spaces in the form of rocks and caves, but also Mopani wood-specially treated, so it doesnt give the water a tea colour, but it maintains its nutritional characteristics.-)
The behaviour of the Featherfin is peaceful, even with the other Synodontis, and he is a marvel to watch.
Care should be taken to provide him with ample food (not only pellets, but also zuccini and cucumber will be appreciated and blood worms)and it will not fail you to show its magnificent dorsal and anal fins.
Nevertheless, if not placed in ample space - at least a 35 G is recommended- and not properly and adequately fed it might eat smaller fish and become aggresive.
Anyway, do you blame him if he does?

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  • rocky - 2014-03-14
    My featherfin is older than me and I'm 29. It is as lively today as it was 10 years ago.
RB - 2014-01-20
My Featherfin Synodontis is happily housed in my 55-gal with striped leporinus, clown loach, bala shark, golden algae eater, pack of turquoise rainbowfish and my little snowball pleco, which thankfully is not threatened by my featherfin. It's very territorial as expected but through all the years (2014 marks 15 years for 'Felix the cat'!) I've never had an issue of missing fish or aggressive behavior, so a great addition to any large community tank.

Aaron - 2013-04-05
My two featherfins and pictus in my 55 gallon have gotten along great with each other, as well as 7 corys, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 female firemouth, 2 Chinese algae eaters, 4 giant danios, and ramshorn snails. I did however get rid of my two Chinese algae eaters, as they were just too territorial/fast/jerky. Not to mention they don't eat algae much as adults. I also have my gf my gourami, for some reason my firemouth would chase him and swim around him like a mate. I use to have a kenyi African cichlid when most of my fish were in a 29 gallon. I know it says featherfins are great with them but after seeing him all of a sudden become aggressive at age 2 and bite my catfishes barbs, he had to go. All around, my aquarium has done great. I've made huge improvements in my care, like converting from fake to all live plants, water changes every couple days, changing from gravel to pool filter sand, having a consistent heater, day and night cycle, and mixed diet. I look back on my 29 gallon days, and even though my fish made it through, I still feel absolutely awful about having kept the light on 24/7 for so long. Me and my fish are a billion times happier and healthier now. As soon as can I will upgrade to a 90 gallon tank to provide even more room and cover for the fish to grow.

Dusty - 2013-02-07
I have an 11 year old synodontis catfish in a 55 gallon tank with two tinfoil barbs, which are all about 8 inches long. My fish eat so much that I put an automatic feeder on the tank so I don't under feed them. My catfish ate all other tank mates that I have tried: Chinese algae eaters, a red tail shark, and even pearl garamies. I quit trying to add other fish after that.

josh fisk - 2013-01-30
does anyone's featherfin have a tail that has three points? sort of like a trident

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-31
    That's really strange, not usual for this catfish:)
Larry - 2009-11-23
I have 2 featherfins in a 55 gallon tank with a few zebra danios, glow-fin tetras, black tetras, and 2 golden algae eaters. They all get along just fine. I did have the same problems others mentioned with neon tetras disappearing, but only with neons. Featherfins just like the taste of neons apparently. The best way to introduce new fish to your tank with the territorial featherfins is to rearrange the tank. Move the plants and rocks around at the same time that you add the new fish. The confusion makes them think they are in a new area (which has the new fish), and the territory is no longer theirs. It has worked great for me for all fish except the neons. Just don't add neons to a tank with featherfins and you should be okay.

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  • Ryan - 2010-10-17
    I've actually been able to keep neons with featherfins successfully. I currently have 6 neons in my 55 gallon aquarium with 2 featherfins. But they were raised with many small fish which included 5 neons in my old 20 gallon aquarium. They usually don't get too aggressive towards bottom dwellers, but from time to time will spar with each other around the tank. But I have had 3 out of 7 kuli loaches die lately, but I don't know if it was from them or old age, but I hope you have greater luck with smaller fish with the guys!
  • Ren - 2013-01-24
    My featherfin ate 14 fresh shrimp in two days. Every weekend I would buy at least 10 and couldn't figure out where they were going. I owned it for a year before he ever came out of his cave so I call it Houdini, it had tripled in size when he finally showed up. It gets against the highest center piece and just hovers in a perfect vertical 90 and lets the bubbles go up his belly. Very enjoyable now that I see it, very playful with my 7' placo, they are like bff's, inseperable.
Ashley - 2012-01-15
I have a full grown Featherfin named Igor that was sold to me as a Pleco, he was in horrible condition at this crappy fish store at our local mall. He was missing all of his barbels, his entire 'feather fin' he was totally blind, and he was missing his hump at the base of his tail. He was in a tank with crayfish that were eating him alive and he was so malnorished I could actually see his bones. I bought him and brought him home and put him in my 20 gal goldfish tank and was thinking I would at least let him die in peace without crayfish eating him......lets just say to make a long story short, a year later he is now the king of my 100 gal fish tank (bought special for him) all of his fins and barbels grew back, he has full vision, and is currently on my bad side for eating my 25 dollar Blue Prong. This species of fish is a remarkable healer if given the proper care, Igor will actually eat bloodworms out of my hand now, cause when he was blind and had no barbels I would have to push the food practically in his mouth, now he sees me coming and will swim to the top of the tank and take his bloodworm snack. He is by far my favorite fish (and the only one with a name actually!) and I would recommend this fish to anyone who is ready to take the step up from goldfish! Just watch your Prongs!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    I like that. You saved a fish and gained a friend.
  • Jeff Harma - 2012-09-20
    Hi, I recently added a featherfin to my 90 gallon tank with 15 other inhabitants, 8 of which are cichlid, mbuna, jewel, Zebra of equal size which does tend to bother. I actually with appearance the zebra will head to shelter, for she seems to know my dislike of her actions to the newest addition. Aside from the two tankmates, other a male mbuna, which is frequently mating with others. Oh, food for the catfish, I have not witnessed any consumption, ' cept for frozen brine shrimp via tube to mouth of the cat. Will hunger eventually get the featherfin to actually scavenge? She/he does have thickness in the mid-drift battle seem to be subsiding, any opinion with thanks.
marc - 2012-09-12
I have 4 of these monster beauty's, and aldo my tank is a bit to small.   Can't dare to get rid of them. (bought them as diffrent ones, I mean they said they where diffrent ones in the aquarium shop, which apparently was a lie) But the problem I have is that they like to eat plants.... ooh yeah and not just the ones that every plant eater likes no no even the ones seen as disgusting (java,anubias,crypto etc). And there is no information what so ever about them eating plants, but be warned, they MAY eat plants.