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The Emerald Green Cory has a most intriguing coloration. Depending on the light, this fish can appear a metallic blue or an emerald green!
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Mary - 2005-06-09
We've had an emerald cory since 1998 (seven years!). He's moved with us from Michigan to Connecticut to New York, outliving lots of fish and surviving the cut when we took all his tank-mates back to the pet store to make moving easier. He's our favorite. After reading other comments here I think I have to get him some cory friends. He seems a little depressed and could use the company.

Anna Hobbs - 2004-04-05
My mother has two albino cories and I believe she still has her emerald still. They are a very hardy fish that have all grown up in a 10-gallon tank for a little over 5 YEARS now. I recommend this fish for any tank - Beginner and Seasoned - as this fish is a joy to watch and an excellent tank cleaner. I have yet to purchase my own cories as soon as my new 29-gallon tank is better established.