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The Emerald Green Cory has a most intriguing coloration. Depending on the light, this fish can appear a metallic blue or an emerald green!
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Ann mart - 2011-04-01
This is the cheapest catfish. Almost all my favorite fish comes from this book:

Kieth - 2010-06-14
I need help my catfish has gotten really fat (not trying to sound mean) and he's lost his back tail fin and he seems to just lay around the tank and not really move also his breathing is slowed.

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  • Ted - 2010-12-26
    You should probably quarantine him in a separate tank until his condition improves.
matt riojas - 2010-05-18
I have had them for about a month and they have reproduced 4 times. I have a male and female in a 15 gallon with just 3 neon tetras. The eggs hatched last night and are doing fine the first time died do to fungus, but I am more prepared this time.

kat - 2009-01-18
I have three of these in a 25 gallon and they are certainly a joy to watch. They forage for food nearly all day long, as well as swimming heartily back and forth. The two smaller ones are not shy at all and could care less if I'm watching or cleaning the tank, as they will even feed near my hand, and unlike the third cory, they love to swim in the front of the tank. The larger one is a little more timid, though. It's fun to watch them during feeding time... all three of them sharing a wafer. I also have a pleco in the tank, and while he loves his zucchini very much, the cories don't care much for it.

justin martin - 2008-08-18
I bought 2 albino corys & 1 emerald green cory together at petco for they could get along & not be alone. Then a few months passed and there were like more than 100 eggs. A few days later I left for a few days, when I came home I saw 2 baby albino corys.

minimeeminim - 2008-06-30
i bought 2 emerald corys and i love them. they get along well with my baby muskies (dont worry i wont let them eat my corys). if u r reading this go buy a cory or 2.

Andrew - 2007-12-06
I have two in a five gallon tank, and they are the best fish I ever had!

David Bonson - 2005-10-03
We had one Emerald Cory in our 55 gallon Turtle Tank. Then we got a second. They always swim together and do a really good job of cleaning up after the turtles. This weekend, I was cleaning out the aquarium, doing a water change and I found 3 baby emerald Corys in the tank. I have no clue when this happened but it sure was a great surprise. Hopefully these little ones will make it and gow up. This was completely unexpected.

Reply - 2005-07-21
The easiest to take care of fish that you will probably ever have. I recommend them for any size aquarium, and if you have a 20 long or higher i believe that you should get at least three. The greatest things as they keep your tank clean, and cichlids hardly mess with them (except for my tiger oscar).

Mary - 2005-06-09
We've had an emerald cory since 1998 (seven years!). He's moved with us from Michigan to Connecticut to New York, outliving lots of fish and surviving the cut when we took all his tank-mates back to the pet store to make moving easier. He's our favorite. After reading other comments here I think I have to get him some cory friends. He seems a little depressed and could use the company.