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The Banjo Catfish is a curious fish, with a curious name that describes its shape!
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Neill Drever - 2004-09-18
I have 4 of these unusal guys & they are a constant source of amusement from trying to find them in the sand to watching them after lights out. I got them whilst looking for tankmates for my Green Spotted Puffer. I wanted a fish that would clean up the puffers leftovers but would not cause a problem as puffers are notoriously agressive, the answer was certainly Banjo catfish!

barrett - 2004-09-01
i play banjo, but never even knew there was such a thing as a banjo catfish until recently. while at the pet store i purchased a $1.oo lump of java fern(live plant), which the pet guy wadded up into a little ball and threw into a paper sack. then, i went to dinner, ate, had a dandy ole time, and drove elapsed time, about an hour and a half. once home, i threw this clump of plant stuff into my tank, where it slowly began to spread out. later in the evening, much to my suprise, i saw this crazy looking fish in my tank which i had NO EARTHLY CLUE how it got there, or what it was...then my hot fish-nerd girlfriend identified it as a baby BANJO CATFISH. so there, beat that.

jeff - 2004-06-15
Ive had a banjo cat for maybe a year now, it lives with an oscar, and i have constantly thought that it was dead. It is a cool looking fish, but it does absolutly nothing.

steve - 2004-04-07
A unique and interesting fish. Fun to watch swimming due to their jet propulsion system. Despite their reputation for being virtually immobile they can get active at dusk when accustomed to the tank. Make sure you cover part of the tank with sand for them to bury in.

Emily - 2004-03-13
My banjo likes the filter!

Briana - 2003-12-10
I currently have 1 Banjo Cat (male) who is about 5 1/2 inches long. I purchased him from a local pet store. The pet store I purchased him from had one other but refused to sell that one to me as they thought it was almost dead. They refused to listen about how these fish do not move much during the day (this place always has lights on and does NOT have places for these fish to hide) and they kept poking it and eventually threw it out. Im glad I atleast was able to rescue one of them! Most people do not understand these fish and I have heard of a few people flushing them or throwing them away (when the fish was perfectly healthy!!!). Its sad. Mine loves blood worms and will even go after them in the day time with everyone watching. They are very incredible fish and remind me of something you would find in a saltwater tank instead of fresh.

Reino - 2003-11-27
I own two Bi-colour Banjo catfishes and therefore have read quit a few articles on them. We all know that the difference between the sexes in most catfishes is hard to make out. From what I have found with my Banjos and the articles I read is that the female has a visibly rounder body shape where as the male is very flat.

Henry Chua - 2003-09-13
Presently I have a 3 cm Banjo Catfish. I put it together with my 3 Marigold Wagtail Platies, in their breeding tank. I do not think this tiny Banjo will eat up the fries. This Banjo looks cool, but dead! it does not move around much, it looks like a little piece of wood, and its head and body does not have the same color! It seems to have been crossed by two different fishes! That is why this fish is incredibly unique for any Community Tank. Buy them tiny, so they can get accustomed with the other tankmates at a young age, as adult Banjo catfishes can be carnivorous.

Iv - 2003-08-27
Like the INFO says, this fish is unusual and cool. When someone looks at you tank they are most likely to say WHAT IS THAT? The fish is not very active in the day, provide a lot of plants and hiding places where they could hide. During the night when most fish are still this fish will most likely go around for food. get only one because they get big and take up space, but on the other hand they dont move much, and are a great addition to any aquarium!