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The Banjo Catfish is a curious fish, with a curious name that describes its shape!
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daniel - 2007-04-23
I have 4 Banjo Catfish (Frick, Frack, Hank and Earl) and like many fish keepers, I enjoy these little monsters. Nearly invisible in the day as they burrow or slip in and an under any nook and cranny they find. They have mastered

G. Gon - 2007-01-29
Well... I couldn't be more pleased with this site.
I got all the information i needed to understand the fish that i absolutely loved the first time i saw it. The thing was, i knew ZERO about the Banjo Catfish due to the fact that the PetShop Owner knew nothing about it as well, not even the name. I truly loved the shape of this fish (and it kind of reminds me of a flat african butterfly fish, which is another very interesting fish) so i decided to start a search with no information at all. I couldn't believe that i bought a fish which doesn't move at all, it didn't seem to feed or anything, which made me quite anxious. But now, i know he's nocturnal and yes, mine after the lights are out gets pretty active. I used to drop food in the tank only in the morning but now due to this new guy i put food at night as well. It's such a cool fish, and it's really a pleasure to have sites like these to inform us about such interesting fishes like the Banjo CatFish.
My Biggest THANK YOU!

Yehoshua Cirt - 2006-08-05
I have two. They are boring, never seen, purely nocturnal and because of their apathetic personality, probably don't get their share of food. Having said that-- if you want a smallish peaceful catfish for more or less utilitarian purposes, and you've fine gravel of sand as a substrate-- and no competition from other bottom dwellers, then you might like these guys. Come over to me in Samaria, Israel and I'll give you mine.

claire jones - 2005-10-16
i have a banjo and hes a funny little so and so, he gobbles pellets up whole and loves his bloodworms. i was led to believe they arent very active, perhaps i got the one on caffeine! i rarely see him but when food goes in he readily comes out. im assuming he is male because he is very slender. none of the other fish bother with him. banjo catfishes are a funny fish, a joy to any aquarium in my eyes!

R Rahm - 2005-05-09
I would highly advise that you keep these banjos in groups, and when you turn the aquarium lights off watch them swarm in a pack to clean up leftovers.

ATLI - 2005-04-21
I have 2 banjo catfish and have often mistaken them for rocks.

Dan - 2005-02-19
This profile finally gives these wonderful fish justice. It should be pointed out that there are several species of banjo cats, but a great profile nonetheless. I have kept several of the banjo cat species, which vary greatly in body shape and color. A great and hardy fish, I would recommend these fish to just about anyone looking to "spice up" a tank.

Anonymous - 2005-02-08
i have 2 banjos that love frozen food. they do get active during day time. mine are a male and a female

Tim Holyoake - 2005-01-13
I have 2 banjos. I actullay picked up 1 dead one with my fingers to throw him out, But he "Felt" alive. I let him drop back into the tank and he was still dead. The next morning he had moved, and the next again.
They are ugly (Even a mother would have second thoughts). Boring (I have never seen either of them move under there own steam). Even when you can find where they are you usually cant see them,(Buried in sand or under bog wood. So why do I openly admit to them being my favorites. I must be as dense as the rest of you guys....... ! ! !

Neill Drever - 2004-09-18
I have 4 of these unusal guys & they are a constant source of amusement from trying to find them in the sand to watching them after lights out. I got them whilst looking for tankmates for my Green Spotted Puffer. I wanted a fish that would clean up the puffers leftovers but would not cause a problem as puffers are notoriously agressive, the answer was certainly Banjo catfish!