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Albino Cories make good hardy community fish, great for beginners and experienced aquarist alike!
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Anonymous - 2005-05-14
this is a nice web page you have here!

Gina - 2005-04-23
I just recently received a twenty gallon tank as a gift, and I went and bought a few Corys. Both are sweet little fish, only around an inch right now (but hopefully growing!) and are my favorites, although my shark cat has a tendency to nip at them when doing his rounds about the tank. My smaller one (I named her Kissyboots) likes to hide in the rocks, while her friend (named Milkshakes) likes to be right by her side. I simply adore both of them!

Anonymous - 2005-04-11
I think my cories are gonna have babys! I see eggs on the glass of my tank. I love them so much, I can't wait till I'm a grandma! They are very strong fish. I had a bunch of fish and they got sick and died, and my cories had no clue what was going on. They seem very happy!

Jill - 2005-02-17
I have had corys for over two years now and have just recently added two to my tank, they are such lively little fish. I really enjoy having them in my tank, and agree that they are very hardy and would make great first fish, excellent cleaners and very fun to watch, they are really energetic, not to mention their cute little winks!

Aneudy - 2005-02-09
These fish are great! they can make good tank cleaners. they can cheer you up because they are so cute when their whiskers wiggle.

teraman - 2005-02-02
My albino cory died of fin rot, so they are suspecticle to illnesses!

Henry - 2003-09-05
Am so obsessed with them! I have tanks with only cories as they are so enchanting.

The more cories there are, the better! Avoid driftwoods with holes as they do get stuck -- mine did! Albino cories looks very classic and when you are feeling down -- they cheer you up by winking at you. Extremely gentle and loves company from other similar sized species. Breeding proves difficult though... A must for all community tanks~!

Must feed them on a variety of food.

Avoid keeping them with sensitive fishes (discus, etc), and away from sunlight.

Iv - 2003-08-27
Very good fish, active and good cleaners of algea and leftover food. They like clean water and warm temperatures, Buy more than one because they get lonely. Very hardy and doesnt develop any diseases. Very strong, if something happens to your tank they will be the last to know because they are very strong and can withstand a lot of stuff.