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Albino Cories make good hardy community fish, great for beginners and experienced aquarist alike!
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Moriah - 2006-06-12
I love these little catfish. I have two albino and one dark and this evening I caught one albino in my syphon while cleaning the tank and it is now kinda floating upside down once in a while. The dark one is okay so far.

ena - 2006-06-09
Iam new visitor at animal world. my name is ena. i love fish very much and the site is very nice. it is a wonderful place and i am very happy

Jayson - 2006-06-01
Wicked fish! They look so funny swimming around! Although they look plain they are a great addition to the home aquarium.
And very useful!!

Arlo - 2006-05-07
In australia, our albinoes are usually Corydorus Aeneus, Bronze Corys. Had real fun with them and they are very useful fish for keeping food eaten. Ours bred pretty much continuously for a couple of years in a community tank, with the only difference being that the male swims over the eggs instead of the female T-ing the male. Only problem was the fungus growth and the bristlenose cats killing most of the eggs.

The connells - 2006-03-05
Our cories breed like mad!
We started with a core group of 13 wee piggies, and they started chasing at about a yr from then. Their 'herdlike' living structure, dominated by the two largest 'sows', falls to pieces during mating season (which seems to be all the time nowadays). The males swarm/chase whomever's in heat all over the tank, till she find a tight hiding spot, pops out a few eggs to her fins, and dashes out of hiding to lay. Alas, there's no privacy, the lads are on her! Another mad dash, and some eggs are quickly and surreptisciously deposited under leaves, against the filter pipe, on rock edges, hard to reach walls, etc. We never expected a litter of piglets; the other pigs have learned to be opportunistic feeders and the tank also contains a 'gourmet-loving' longfin koi angel, and a 10" plec who guarantees to clean all but the best hidden eggs.

During a filter change, my husband came running from the bathtub, where he'd been cleaning the filter, holding his hands out in front of him, yelling blue murder. I expected to see blood and he opened his hands to reveal two gelatinous pink babies. They'd been sucked into the filter, lived in the crawlspace at the bottom of the eheim, survived the filterwater dump thru the bottom spigot, and a few terrified and chancy moments on the bottom of the tub in order to pull off their Great Escape. My husband and I regularly do our part now in the 'resistance'!
Eheim 2217, changed every 2-3 mos
50% h20-x weekly,
pH 6.4 avg,
30 bulb 12hr on/off
live/fake foliage mix,
brown gravel/sand substrate mix
wood/stone decos (lots of crevices)
The Connells

Jade Crathern - 2006-02-18
Absolutely fantastic fish. I am currently very excited about a group of eggs that have just hatched. I am watching 10 tiny babies swimming round my breeding net with great delight..These are my first babies so I'll see what happens.

Jerry - 2006-01-08
i have 2 albino corys and they are very active. when i first got them i thought they would be only active at night, but they are always out and about being peaceful towards all other fish. i find it really funny when they skim across the surface of the water causing small waves. they are always swimming into things and bouncing off, they are really fun to keep. jerry

jasmine - 2005-11-17
We have two Albino Cories in our office tank and they are adorable. They seem to enjoy swimming against the current that the filter makes and have provided hours of enjoyment for the staff. They are so relaxing, and quite funny to watch. They get along with other fish and keep the tank clean. My favorite fish by far.

-[?]- - 2005-07-26
Eats left overs on the bottom. great fish to have, but too small for most fish like oscars or cichlids. still a great fish to have.

ruthcatrin - 2005-06-01
I've had Albino Corys as my bottom cleaners in my tanks for as long as I can remember. They're lively little fish, and have always been great tank cleaners. I've even put them in tanks with male Betta's with no issues. I'm also happy to announce that my current set of 4 are hopefully about to be parents (provided I can keep the guppies from eating all the eggs). I've never had them breed before!