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Albino Cories make good hardy community fish, great for beginners and experienced aquarist alike!
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Meag - 2007-11-26
I just got an albino cory over the weekend and I cannot stop watching him! He constantly swims laps in the front of the aquariaum as if he is putting on a show for me. = ) Love this little fish!

lu - 2007-11-11
i have two corys and they are awesome. to my surprise they even eat the fishes waste. they are about three inches, obviously full grown.

Greer - 2007-10-16
My beloved Albino Cory, Schnaffles, passed away last week.
I'm heartbroken, he was my best friend and I loved him more than anything. He was the most special pet I've ever had and I miss him so much.

jesse - 2007-09-22
I started with 4 albino corys and then to my surprise one grew 3 inches. Huge i know but i found out because she ate 2 of the other corys. I know that's extremely weird. Also of the 2 i had left, 1 died and the big girl is still alive. Her best friend in my 25 gallon is a peppered cory half her size. I have 2 peppered and 2 albinos now.

Ana - 2007-06-25
Hello guys, this is my first comment ever!
i just got 2 albino cories and they are so cute, I did not imagine I was going to love them this much! I'm so happy, but one of them does not like to play much, the other one does. I'm kind of worry because I'm scared the other one feels bad. I hope they make it.

Chas - 2007-06-16
Hello everyone. I too like the albino Corys. I started with five in my tank along with a 7-inch fantail goldfish (Miss Piggy) and had them for about two years. This year, however, they began breeding. The female (or females, I don't know which) begin laying eggs in different spots all over the sides of the fish tank. Only one batch hatched because the goldfish would find the eggs and quickly devour them. She devoured the young Corys as well.
Then when I went on vacation, my partner called me to tell me Miss Piggy had died. Bad day for me but on to the story. Now I have 30+ albino Corys since Piggy is no longer there and I'm wondering if they're going to breed again. I may have to start giving them away if they continue to breed at this rate!

Ruben - 2007-06-14
I have 5 albino corys with various guppies and platys in a 10gallon tank (39L). I do love my Albino corys. They are very human and have great personalities. They sometimes play dead (I've found them sleeping on their side or upside down). They often sit on the green-cabomba plant leaves: it's like they are sleeping on a cloud, which is super cute. When they eat algae wafers, you can see the green stomach-contents through their skin. They are calm and peaceful. I also enjoy that they move so much - often circling the tank repeatedly. They also sprint to the top to drink air often.

Greer - 2007-04-28
I have an Albino Cory called 'Schnaffles'. He is the best pet I have ever had and is a very special friend to me. He often sits by the side of the aquarium and looks at me. Once he appeared to be waving at me with one of his fins.

roweb - 2006-07-16
In one of my tanks, which is a 60 gal one, I had eight (less than an inch in size) Albinos, but now, I have six left. I found two halfway eaten bodies last week. I wonder who are the guilty ones?! In that tank, I have ten guppies (four large males and six females), three Balloon mollies, one teenage swordtail, three Panda cories, two adult Julii cories, two adult Spotted Emerald Green cories, and five bright red Dwarf platies. My hunch is the Balloon mollies because they try to nibble on everybody; however, they're not that big to be such a threat, but I also know that looks can deceive. I really would like to find out which ones. Could they be the big cories, such as the Spotted Emerald Greens and the Juliis?

I really enjoy these cories because they look so surreal and perhaps the cutest among the catfish family. They swim all over, especially up and down the bubble current like surfers catching a wave. Eat? They love to do that, always. They would even dare go inside the lush plastic plants. At first, they schooled, but not anymore, and I think they only did that for two or three days. They usually swim alone nowadays looking for food with their mustache busily wiggling away. Also, they are not that expensive where I live, and I'm lucky to be surrounded by seven major fish stores. Nevertheless, I really would like to see other kinds of cories, especially the one with the red streak on their back. I've only seen one on the net.

DAVID VANG - 2006-06-24
i have 4 albino with a pair of bronze cory, another cory which i haven't found out the name, two small catfish, and 2 plecos. currently they are all in a 60 gallon tank. they are peaceful, fun, and are overall active. so far they have been eating each other's eggs. when left alone, they are always exploring the tank. very fun and pretty much worth the price i paid for them.