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Albino Cories make good hardy community fish, great for beginners and experienced aquarist alike!
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MnMatty2507 - 2008-09-08
I just one bought today with two ghost shrimp, and I cannot believe my cory though! He's always scurring around and doesn't seem to settle down yet! But I guess once he gets familiar with the tank and his mates he should be fine and the shrimp have been doing great eating some left overs with the cory, which is cool. They are sharing a home with four fiddler crabs, a lot of guppies, and my Celestial Goldfish (Goober). Things are great and all are getting along so far!

Megan - 2008-07-23
It's me again, Im the one who asked about Cory whiskers. Sadly I have to report that Chico, the one with straight whiskers died yesterday. Rico, with the kinked whiskers looked very lethargic and this morning he swam into a corner of the fish tank and just let himself die. They were both doing awesome so I don't know where this came from. All my other fish are doing fantatic. We have two baby albinos and they are doing fine as well. I am wondering if anyone has heard of fish dying from loneliness. They were always together and bonded to each other.

Debi - 2008-07-03
Hey guys, since my last posting in June. I have hatched 53 albino cory out. Only 7 left from the first hatching in June, but they are feeding well and very lively. All of the other little swimmers are doing well. All are eating well and I am feeding a variety. Crushed flakes, first bites and crushed beta flakes as a treat. I can really see the little pink eyes of the older ones. Very sweet. Will keep you informed.

Megan - 2008-06-20
HI- I have two albino cory fish. One of my albinos whiskers points straight down, while the others are pointed outwards. It is like someone pulled them enough to kink in that direction. (Like the old handlebar style mustaches) I was wondering if you would be able to tell me why, if this a genetic defect or they a sexed pair. They are ALWAYS together and very playful, there isn't a moment they are apart.

Debi - 2008-06-15
Hey guys, last week my female cory laid a bunch of eggs on the walls of the tank. I very carefully got them off with a one sided razor blade and caught them in the net. I left the eggs in the net for a few days while I conditioned my old beta tank. One gallon, I guess. I put the eggs in the tank on Friday 06.13.08 well on Saturday night I had two small fry swimming about in there. Tonight I have about ten to fifteen. They are so freakin litte but very cute. I took some regular Tetramin tropical flakes and crushed them to a power in my fingers. I hope it works. Wish us luck! Thanks!

Evie - 2008-04-14
I've kept albino corys for many years.Always a dependable and easily maintained little fish.Until recently,I've usually kept them in pairs,but after adding 12 to a 55 gallon tank I was delighted to see them spawning! The females layed eggs on the glass walls of the tank! They spawn almost every 2-3 weeks.Unfortunately,the eggs are usually eaten immediately by the platies and tetras,but ONE egg hatched and "Nemo" was able to hide out until he was big enough not to be lunch.These little fish are great for beginner aquarists and don't dissapoint with their constant activity and cleaning.Perhaps the Albono Cory was the inspiration for "The Scrubbing Bubbles"?

fish boy - 2008-03-03
I got 4 albino (aiming for 8 more) corys yesterday and I'm not sure wat the conditions should be like. My ph is 7.6 and temp is 74. (Do I need more plants?) I got three small plants in my 20H tank. The cats though are hilarious to watch and always jump out of the water and splash around.

April - 2008-01-02
I see too many people say they have only 1 or 2 corys, I highly recommend that you get a few more of their own kind. They are a type of schooling fish and do much better(are less stressed and are more active) with at least 4 friends to hang with.

Travis - 2007-12-23
My albino cory cats have been alive for 3 years now. They used to breed like crazy, but now I think they have run out of eggs. They have been through 3 different fish tanks and have never been sick once. Mine have a really anoying personality. I put them in my tank to eat the uneaten food on the bottom of the tank, but they refuse to eat it! They made me go out and by catfish pellets and a gravel vac. They are one of my favorite catfish, but if you want to get them, I recommend getting another bottom feeder to go with them.

Gigi - 2007-12-07
My albino cory loves to mingle with his/her cory friends and play in the bubbles from the bubbler in my aquarium. They are very sweet and smart fish.
I have a Panda cory, spotted cory, two striped twins, a golden cory and 2-inch blue female cory (she has laid eggs).