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Albino Cories make good hardy community fish, great for beginners and experienced aquarist alike!
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Laura - 2010-01-24
Hey everyone.
How do u tell a male cory from a female? I really want to breed them, cos I think I've got a female.

Debi Green - 2009-12-04
I have been breeding Albino Corys for several years. The best approach to successful breeding is to have several breeder nets. Also if you are going to attempt breeding Cory or any other spawning fish, you will need to have methylene blue. It is to prevent fungus on the eggs. You will also need some first bite food. They are much easier to work with. After you have set up a breeder net. Do not put it in the tank until there are eggs. If you get up early enough to watch the spawning going on. This usually happens in the early AM. Wait for at least fifteen minutes after the eggs have been deposited and then use a one sided razor blade, I use a device called a Widget. Most hardware stores carry them. Very carefully remove the eggs from the glass. They will be sticky at this time. Put the breeder net in and very very very very carefully use your fingertips and roll the eggs off the Widget into the breeder net. It will take 3 to 5 days for the fry to hatch. You may need a magnifiying glass to see them. They will live on their yolksac for the first 2 days. You will need to feed them first bites until they are at least 2 weeks old. Good luck.

Andrew - 2009-10-29
I started with 3 corys and now I'm up to 7 adults and they just layed more eggs. So far I am up to 47 babies from this batch and more eggs still. I would recommend these fish to anyone.

Jenna - 2009-09-27
I'm currently still cycling my new 10 gallon aquarium with guppies, but doing lots of research on the best fish to plan on adding over time. I considered cory's the other day when I saw them at the pet store, but all the comments here are very helpful and they sound like great fish!! thanks everyone

Whitney - 2009-09-21
Hello everyone, I am writing because I am concerned about my catfish. Since I started my 10 gallon tank back in May I have had 3 neon tetras, 3 pristella tetras and 2 albino cory catfish. I have never had any problems up until recently, they are all suppossed to be community fish from the Amazon, right? Well, two days ago I noticed that one of my catfish "Al" was not moving around much and sitting ackwardly on his side. I could tell he was still breathing though and thought that he was just having a more inactive day than usual. I began to think that maybe something had changed in the water, but after testing it I found everything to be normal. On Sunday when I woke up I was really upset to find that he was dead. As I removed him from the tank I examined his body; being albino, I was able to see internal bleeding that had occured close to his tail. I was then shocked to find that his tail had been ripped to shreds. I then examined my other catfish only to find that he was perfectly intact.
Today however, I noticed that my remaining cory has been rather still just like "Al" was two days before. I checked his tail and am rather frustrated to find that it has been torn up a little too. I don't understand why, but I know that one or more of my tetras are attacking my catfish. The water is fine, the feeding is the same and I have changed nothing, what can I do? Has anyone ever seen this before? Am I able to place him in a seperate stillwater tank to let his tail recover, and will it recover at all?

Nymox - 2009-09-14
The reason many of you have Corys that seem unsettled is because they need to be in schools 3 at the minimum. You can have 1 or 2 and they will survive but its not a happy excistance. As they are schooling fish they do not feel secure alone. Please think about getting more, 5 is ideal, you will notice the change in your fishes health and well being.

carol gore - 2009-06-21
We purchased an aquarium for my five children for easter. In the tank we have two cory's, two silver sharks, one sucker fish, 6 tetras, and 1 loach! The kids are so happy because today we discovered that the cory's have laid eggs. Two were instantly eaten but we managed to save one! I am hoping that we can at least get one little one for the kids, as it would make them so happy!

Myra - 2009-04-24
Hey guys ! I am new to the aquarium world. But loving it so far ! My husband bought a "albino" cory (Casper ). I just love watching him go. Never ending energy !!! We also have a emerald cory (whiskers)& a female Betta (angel). 20 gallon tank. Is there any tank mates that you all would add?

The betta has killed 2 young algae eaters already.

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  • Chris - 2010-04-25
    What type of Algae Eaters were they? Most Bettas don't kill anything bigger than their mouth.
  • Dan - 2010-05-03
    A couple of dwarf frogs would be ideal tankmates. Ghost shrimp would do well also. Cories like to be in groups of 3 or more also, if you get a couple more, his energy will seem even higher.
cindy - 2009-02-21
I have a pair of these guys and they are male and female. The hatched 6 babies that are swimming around and delightful little guys, in with guppies, a neon tetra and 2 silver mollies. The guppies had babies too. I am so happy!~

chandra - 2008-12-30
I just bought 2 corys today, and there seems to be panic in my fish tank.
Anyone know what should I do? coz they seemed so calm when I purchase them from the aquarium store.