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Albino Cories make good hardy community fish, great for beginners and experienced aquarist alike!
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amanda salesman - 2010-02-04
i have albino cory fish and I have had them for years and years in a 55 gallon tank, they grew big. But also in my 55 gallon tank I had almost every fish you can imagine, but for some reason they just all started to die off. I think it was because of the albino frog I bought. So I decided to get a 10 gallon just for my little fish and added some new little bitty albino cory fish and to my suprise today I looked and there is at least 55 eggs on the side of my tank. But I did not know this until I had come home from the pet store and bought a bunch of little tropical fish. I hope these little eggs will survive, hope the tropical fish wont eat them. They are all small, don't know if this matters or not. I have never seen this in my 55 gallon tank, which may be because there was other big fish in there that probably always ate the eggs, especially the frog. So anyways I'm so excited, but then I'm scared. I'm just going to leave them there and let nature decide on what to do. Hopefully it will all work out. I see the little albinos swimming by the eggs on the side of the tank all the time, wonder if this is a good thing. I wonder if I should just take every little fish out of the 10 gallon tank and just leave the eggs by themselves, please a little help. lol

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  • Rene - 2010-04-02
    I've been breeding peppered cory catfish so I think it would be close to the same. I have a breeders net that I put the eggs into. Takes 3-7 days to hatch. They will take up to 3 days to free swim, do to the yoke sack still around its head. dont worry it'll eat it. Then feed newly hatched brine shrimp or really fine baby food. You can still lose some at 3 months so good luck.
  • Anonymous - 2010-06-25
    By chance you can separate the two albino cories and observe them that's how I do it with my mollies.
  • Anonymous - 2010-11-06
    I had the same problem but not big fish just leave the albinos in there so when the babies hatch they can be nurtured in the right way.
  • Anton - 2011-02-27
    Take all the other fish out but leave the albinos in to look after the babys, when the babys hatch take the parents out so the babys wont be eaten, feed the babys shrimp or blood worms.
galen - 2011-02-09
I've got 2 corys and they have just laid eggs all over my tank, in many spots. The angels got most of them and the rubies got the rest. I managed to get about a dozen into a bleeding net so I'm hoping that I'll get a few to hatch. These little buggers will lay anywhere, I've put a snail in the breeding net which has about 8 eggs on it's shell. It's wait and see now.

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  • sara jones - 2011-02-19
    I have two corys and guppies the cory put eggs all over the glass the next morn they were gone the guppies ate all. I have 1 sword tail and bought him 3 females one had babies and the male killed the females why would he do that? I got him 9 ladies all total.
jade - 2010-08-22
I want an albino coy but I need to know if it gets along with betta fighting fish, if some 1 could answer me asap on my email that would be great thanks x.

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  • Hazel - 2010-08-29
    They should be fine mine get on great. They occupy different areas of the tank are very peaceful so won't touch your fighter and are not flashy enough to attract your beta's 'attention'. Beware though some people like to add a little aquarium salt to reduce the risk of fin rot in fighters but you shouldn't do this if you have any cory's in the tank as they are very very intolerant of salt. Good luck and hope you enjoy them - I have albinos panda and schwartzi corys and these are easily my fave though please please keep at least 4 to see them at their best
  • sam burnham - 2010-11-15
    Yeah they should be fine, corys seem to get along with anything and bettas don't bother corys, as a rule.
  • Frank - 2011-01-30
    I've kept a male betta and a cory cat in a 5 gallon tank without issue. It all depends on the temperament of the betta.
Jb - 2011-01-22
Hi I live in the Phillipines and I really want to buy this fish but I haven't seen any of these fish in the pet shops.

jordan - 2010-12-22
I have a pair of albino cories they are little but what do I feed them?

Cliff Jordan - 2009-12-04
Here's a trick. If you have plants in your tank, they may desposit the eggs on the plants. If so, break off the leaves of the plants and put them in a floating auxiliary tank (plastic, not the netted kind otherwise the babies will get trapped). The "more brown" eggs will disappear and the white ones will remain. That is because they hatched (the white ones are unfertilized and can be discarded). They will be protected in the auxiliary tank, and you can feed them with Tetra-min baby flakes. Mine literally had 200 babies. As they get older (they are about a week old), I'm losing 10-12 per day. I'm trying to figure if I am feeding them too much or too little. It's a great study in Darwinism (survival of the fittest) as you can see phyical deformities (curved spines, inflated abdomens) and mental sickness (CRAZY fish). They all have different personalities. Fascinating!!

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  • Turesa - 2010-12-19
    So if my albino catfish laid eggs five days ago and they are still white (on the side of the tank) then does that mean the eggs are no good?
Joanna Bailey - 2010-10-04
I have 2 albino corys and Friday I found fish eggs on my tank and they started to hatch on Sunday! Now I got got over 200 little tad fry's in my ten gal tank and I don't know what to do... can anyone tell me what I'm to feed them and how to keep them alive until I can get them big enough to sell them to the pet store?

jenni - 2009-09-08
I have had a pair of Albino Cory Cats for over 5 years now. They have laid eggs on the side off the aquarium before, but I had Guppies and they would eat them. I just cleaned and planted my 20 gallon tank and they are happier and more active than ever before and already deposited eggs on the glass. I am hoping they will hatch this time since there are no Guppies!!

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  • Anthony - 2010-08-25
    So you have only two of them? Are they good? I'm asking this because I wanted to just keep two of them too and I've heard that they have to be in schools so I just said never mind then. But since you said you had a pair for over five years, that must mean that they can do good with or without a school of their own.
Bill - 2010-08-14
I wanted to know if this fish is ok in the same tank as most other freshwater fish in the same temperature range 72-79 degrees?

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  • ray - 2010-08-23
    I have my corys in a 55 gal tank with mollys, a dwarf gourami, a kissing fish, clown loaches and a couple of glo fish....everyone is doing fine. Matter of fact, my corys are laying eggs like there is no tomorrow. So I'd have to say yes it would be of to put them in.
Bill - 2010-08-14
I was wondering if a sand bottom tank is ok for this kind of fish?