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claire jones - 2005-10-16
i have a banjo and hes a funny little so and so, he gobbles pellets up whole and loves his bloodworms. i was led to believe they arent very active, perhaps i got the one on caffeine! i rarely see him but when food goes in he readily comes out. im assuming he is male because he is very slender. none of the other fish bother with him. banjo catfishes are a funny fish, a joy to any aquarium in my eyes!

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Bryan - 2005-10-12
It has been a while since I've had a fishtank up and running. Last tank I had was a 10 gallon. Recently I decided to purchase a new tank now that I have been able to settle down in my own apartment without roomates (finally). Anyways I bought a 20 gallon tank and let it run for about 2 weeks then added 5 neon tetra's and a week and a half later I decided to get a Striped Raphael along with some gourami's. He has now been in my tank for about 3 days. He is very peaceful and so far loves hiding in the darkest spot of the tank. Everyone that has come over to visit has been amazed by his looks. I think it's everyone's favorite fish. I am very pleased on the purchase.
I to hope to watch this fish grow over the years and later on provide him with a larger home.

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Andrew - 2005-10-09
I bought my lace cat from Wal Mart 8 months ago, and he is great. I feed him catfish pellats and flake food. He NEVER comes out during the day, though. He is completely nocturnal and stays inside his pirate ship decoration all day. Sometimes, I don't see him for a month. Also, he has not grown much. I think he has grown only an inch! He is kept in a 72 gallon tank with 3 cory cats, a stick catfish, an angelfish, two silver dollars, and two blue rams. when he comes out at night, it is fun to watch him swiming around furiously, searching for food. And if anyone gets too close to him or his pirate ship, he chases them away. He is the leader of the tank, for sure. This is a wonderful fish, and great for beginners.

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David Bonson - 2005-10-03
We had one Emerald Cory in our 55 gallon Turtle Tank. Then we got a second. They always swim together and do a really good job of cleaning up after the turtles. This weekend, I was cleaning out the aquarium, doing a water change and I found 3 baby emerald Corys in the tank. I have no clue when this happened but it sure was a great surprise. Hopefully these little ones will make it and gow up. This was completely unexpected.

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Dan - 2005-09-20
Hello I just wanted to warn everybody that these sharks (catfish) get very large. My girlfriend had 2 of them and they were getting too large for her 22 gallon tank, so she asked me to take them into my 42 gallon Octogon. Well the cute little 5 inch fish is now 15 inchs and the other one is about 7 inchs. I now need to either get rid of them or build me a larger tank, I believe I will build a new tank. If they out grow that I do not know what to do then. Good luck with your sharks.
P.s. my are named JabberJaws (large) and Sharky

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val - 2005-09-18
We have a talking cat in our tank with discus fish. His name is The Tank. We were really worried about his distended looking belly....that is until we read what everyone else says about theirs. He is fat and happy. He really likes algae wafers and pushes the pleco out of the way to eat the wafers. He used to live behind the aerator but now he has a log that he wedges himself under. He likes to ferret his food to this spot as well. So far he has only stabbed my husband twice when we moved him to different tanks.

karl fethe - 2005-09-14
if you're a beginning aquarist, this is the fish to start with. i bought a spotted raphael cat from walmart about a year ago, maybe longer, he still outlasts 90% of the fish that i put in my tank

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wayne - 2005-09-14
Hi, I have owned a red-tailed catfish since February of this year. As time Passe it got very big! It was about 3" when I bought it and now it is about 13"!!! He really became part of our family. He is in a 150 gallon aquarium but soon he will find himself in a 450 gallon.

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michael - 2005-09-11
Don't be so sure yours is a female, the comments about male plecs having bristles is only related to bristlenose plecs, a small species. Yours would not have bristles even it was a male.

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michael - 2005-09-11
These fish, at adult stage, require at least a 180 gallon (6 ft x 2ft x 2ft) aquarium, with brackish water. I have 2 currently in an 85g (5ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft), they are about 8 inches long. A great fish but require a very large tank!


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