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Susan langless - 2003-11-10
I am not sure what type of Mollies we have. We have a white one and a black one. We have determined that the white one is the female. She has had babies 3 times since this past July. The first two times there were 12 to 15. This last time we counted 24. It appears that she is now pregnant again. She had her last babies on 10/24/03.

S Langless

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Sarah G - 2003-11-10
I have a blue Acara who was beaten up very badly by my common walking cat fish (Clarious). I have since found another home for my cat fish and now the Acara is king of the tank! I purchased another one over the weekend. A good strong fish who is great in a community tank. Mine lives with Goramis, Kribensis, and a Firemouth.

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Yeench - 2003-11-09
I had 4 Dwarf Gouramis and a bunch of Tetras in a 100 litre tank with a lot of plant cover. The Dwarf Gouramis exhibited a considerable degree of aggression towards each other, and established some sort of pecking order, but generally ignored the Tetras.

Some hobbists have commented that Dwarf Gouramis are temperamentally unpredictable; they may or may not establish hierarchies.

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Barbara - 2003-11-08
These tetras are beautiful, and in my experiene much less picky than others. Will apdapt easily to many healthy foods and peacful spececies. Many see them as dull, but with adequate lighting, they sparkle. For best overall appearence, keep with contrasting foliage such as the Java Fern. Overall my favorite fish group in the tank.

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Barbara - 2003-11-08
Some of my fondest fishkeeping memories came from my 5 1/2 year old Satine, a Red Cap Oranda with long serene fins. My only remark other than showers of flattery are that give them plenty of swimming space, and I myself found that each fish did best with 10 gallons per individual.

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Barbara - 2003-11-07
WOW! I bought several of those and added them into my tank, then dug through every possible book on tropicals. I returned to the dealer, and to my shock, he had no idea what kind of fish it was. In my experience, they are lovely fish with an overall peaceful disposition unless provoked. Im so happy I finaly discovered what type of fish they were.

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Dish - 2003-11-05
A very beautiful fish to add to your aquarium! Easy to feed and take care of...enjoy!!

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Joel Tang - 2003-11-01
I have 2 honey gourami,a big fat goldfish and 13 guppies. They seem to like each other alot. I recomend them for tanks within 8 -15inches long.

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michelle - 2003-10-30
Black Moors are fun fish to look at I have 2 and they are truely entertaining

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bob - 2003-10-25
I just got one of these fish and it is getting along great. For those with problems keeping two....try getting a third or fourth. It is said that when you keep two, the one will dominate the other, but if there is more they will settle down.


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