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Cecilia - 2004-01-20
LUCY I hear ya sister. ive had three suckers climb out of my 10 gallon tank through a 4x1 inch space. what happened in my other experiences. more catastophe- it sucked the scales off of its tank mate- wounds which quickly festered and grew fungus and the fish died. After killing all my other fish- the little demon climbed through the tank and on to the hood, right next to the light switch. The image of its dried out body practicaly mocking me still haunts me today.

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paul - 2004-01-18
Hi, I have an irridescent shark/sutchi and i dont recomend it to beginners because he gets frightened very easy, but if you show him who is boss when you are cleaning the tank and let him get used to you he will go to the other side of the tank and wont flip out.

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Sarah . A . - 2004-01-18
I like going to this site for answers to my livebearer questions.I own 4 swordtails,if you include the baby fry,1 large female guppie,and 30 of her fry.People say livebearers are only for beginners,but I like having fish that are easy to breed and tell apart.I could not imagine having a tank without atleast 2 livebearers.I would like to see more pictures or swordtail colors on this site.I enjoy seeing some of the vast color types!Thanks!

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Blanton Chapman - 2004-01-18
This is the exact site I was searching for! My first try searching for information about Black Moors-and I got it! I have two Black Moors and I really love them. They are very friendly fish. Every night before I got to sleep I lay on one side and observe them for about 5 minutes and then I go to sleep. Thanks again for creating this site.

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Tony - 2004-01-17
I put my arowana with about 20 small feeder fish and it can gulp one whenever he feels a bit peckish. Oscars and other large fish will make good tank-mates with it.

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Tam - 2004-01-15
I have gotten 2 lion head fish and 2 black moore. They are so cute and I love them a lot. When I bought them they were in the same tank so I figured it would be fine to keep them together. They are all very active and seem to enjoy each other. Their names are (lionheads) R2 and D2; (black moors) Yoda and O-bee. They make great entertainment for everyone who sees them!

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Big Steve - 2004-01-12
A hardy, pretty, and underrated fish. Looks great against a blue background. Sometimes they school and sometimes they explore on their own, at all levels of the tank. Bloodfins are supposed to be about the easiest tetra to keep. Mine adapted to my aquarium in no time. Their fins are a quite nice red.

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Adam - 2004-01-09
I have had my leporinus for about 2 or 3 months and it is doing great. Despite what this website says this fish is not only an herbivore. Mine, which is about 4 to 5 in. in length, eats juvie swords and guppies which I have all bred myself. It does eat algea wafers and lettuce also.


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mahasoor - 2004-01-06
I started out my fish tank with one gold gourami and three medium sized tinfoil barb fish, all relatively the same size by now. My little gold guy is peaceful enough, nobody bothers with him and vice versa. My flame dwarf fish, tetras, and bala shark all quite content with them.

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victoria - 2004-01-06
we had to get rid of our tiger barbs because they were tearing fins off other fish in the tank, especially the swordtails. they were attacking the other fish. we left them to see if they would settle down but when they killed a guppy we had to take them back to the shop.


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