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dom - 2004-02-14
Cool site...

There fish really live up to 26 years! wow..did not know that...


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Serina - 2004-02-11
My male pearl is a little territorial and has a history of being a bully, but I think it is mainly because he doesnt have bigger fish around to keep him in line. I have a 15gal tank with two pearls (male and female), a female gold molly, and two dwarf african frogs. It is a pretty peaceful tank *that is until the male decides that it is time to breed*

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Mickey - 2004-02-10
I bought two striped rafaels. One has a solid black belly, the other has a solid white belly. Evidently one is a female and the other is a male. Have had them in a 47 gallon tank for 6-7 months. They are now breeding. When the babies start free swimming they get sucked up in the filter. So if you are trying to breed these fish, they like it dark, no lights, they like coverage, a cave, plants. Leave them alone except for food and it just happens naturally? But I will change my filter for the babies sake.

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Rob - 2004-02-07
i bought a leporinus a few months ago. he quickly grew large and is very aggressive. I only have one gold gourami in that tank with him. he has nipped off all the gouramis fins. i tried to put a candy striped pleco in the tank and he instantly attacked it. i dont think its common for them to be this aggressive.

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Natalie - 2004-02-06
This time of year their courting rituals are quite amazing to watch!

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Kim - 2004-02-01
I have a 75 gallon tank. My oldest daughter fell for the Opaline gouramis so I bought 3. These things chase themselves they chase my powder blues and my bala sharks. They are vicious creatures. It is always a feeding frenzy in the tank I feed them a variety of foods and they eat everything before any other of the fish get a chance. They eat like a highschool football team. I think a 3000 gallon tank to keep them under control......

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Anonymous - 2004-02-01
I have two Ryunkins, and they are fantastic fish. I have found that mine love to eat frozen brine shrimp, but will eat flakes or pellets. (Hint: soak flakes in a small amount of tank water before feeding to reduce the possibility of swimbladder issues.) If you are thinking about purchasing a Ryunkin, be sure to have a large tank, as these fish grow rapidly. But, they make wonderful pets and are a fun addition to any household!

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Andrea "Vuelta" - 2004-01-31
They are beautiful. Sono pesci bellissimi che consiglio a chiunque voglia avere nel proprio acquario un pesce inelligente e che mangia davvero tanto.Regala molte soddisfazioni. (Translated: "They are the most beautiful fish and I recommend them to anyone who likes intelligent fish in their aquarium that eat a lot. Regala many satisfactions indeed.")

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Elke Zeller - 2004-01-30
I have 3 of those bloody parrots . Had them now for about one year and 2 month.And I lovvvve them. They kiss each other and play push away. At first I thought they would harm themselves but they are not. Although I must say that when I do my cleaning of the tank my bigger one comes swimming and nips me. Now everytime he comes to me I try to tough him and he swims away. It got to the point that he really hurt me. But I thought if I just show him that I can do that too he thought...well I better lay off. So now he comes up and just watches me while I do the cleaning. I also play with them. I put one of my fingers on the tank and go back and forth and they all follow the finger. Thats so cute.They love to eat but only once a day and love to make a mess. My kids call them plumpy, gumpy, and lumpy. So they are the highlight of our family.

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Udy - 2004-01-29
Now im not here to get all all sentimental and mushy inside about the mollies but...i will tell you what i have...Well fellas....and gals.....I have a helluva combination in my 49 gallon tank I bought at Wal-Mart. So far I have bought 18-female-sailfin mollies for a whopping $40.00 A good price to pay on these is about $2.00 per fish. If you are paying more than that.....chances are you are getting ripped off so look around a bit........well anyways like i was saying...the tank looks really elegant with all these white sailfin mollies mixed in with BLACK angel fish....the contrast between black and white fish is really nice......

If u dont believe me....try it... =)


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