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vodies - 2003-12-02
I own a Leporinus fasciatus and he is not aggressive in the least other than if he gets cornered and then he usually just dips his head and shakes his body.

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Anonymous - 2003-12-01
PetSmart has them for $5.99 & WalMart has them for $6.49

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Lucy - 2003-11-30
Lovely, efficient fish, but beware. They are smart little devils and will climb. I had about five square inches of open space, a gap in the hood for my filter. Low and behold, the little sucker managed to climb out of the tank and on to the floor. Also, this fish can be territorial, and if in the right mind will have its way. My second, the fish that preceded the little worm who climbed his way to my living room carpet, had a huge territory problem, he would suck the scales off fish who entered it. I gave him a rock cave to please him, but then he stopped EaTiNg, heaven knows why.

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Jeremy - 2003-11-29
I have 2 albino tinfoil barbs 6 1/2 inches in length and 2 normal tinfoil barbs 8 1/2 inches in length. they live in a 300 gallon with a 5 inch pleco. also theres bout 1000,0000,0000 zebra danios which they feed on, its so cool to watch them gobble up these little speed demons. Ive had my barbs for about 7 months now and are the most awesome fish i have ever owned the tank is filled with many aquatic plants and black gravel which really make the tinfoil barbs stand out well. i sugest these fish to anyone that has the time,patience and of coarse a big enough tank for these whales :)

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Reino - 2003-11-27
I own two Bi-colour Banjo catfishes and therefore have read quit a few articles on them. We all know that the difference between the sexes in most catfishes is hard to make out. From what I have found with my Banjos and the articles I read is that the female has a visibly rounder body shape where as the male is very flat.

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Bee Hanna - 2003-11-24
I have two plecos right now, they grow steadily, so be prepared to upgrade your tank every few years. I have only encountered one very aggressive pleco, most of mine have been very docile and hardy. They live in excess of 6 years, more like 12, so I would suggest this fish to anyone who plans to keep an aquarium for a long time. They do eat plants, so use artificial plants instead of real ones, and bury the plant base in the gravel as a large pleco can easily rearrange a tank (i.e. send plants flying) with one swish of its tail.

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Lucy - 2003-11-23
i have two black moor fish and they get on very well with each other but they sometimes have their differences and stay at different ends of the tank. I have one male and one female but no babies have been born, YET !!

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Lauren - 2003-11-19
We have an Opaline Gouramis and every single fish that we have put in the tank with him, he has managed to mutilate, killed two,and just last night tore the eye out of another one. Needless to say, the fish man was wrong when he told us they were a community fish. Sure they are, if its a community of serial killers! As my husband was removing him from the tank tonight to take to my son-in-laws tank, where he will be with bigger and badder fish then he,(he will probably leave them all terror stricken and battle scarred, too), I decided to get online to find out what we apparently do not know about the blasted things. So, based on our experiences, unless this guy is just a mutant killing machine, I would not put one of them with anything else but possibly a shark. And I am not even sure a shark could defend itself against this guy!

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Anonymous - 2003-11-18
A very good fish. Lively and peacable. Years ago I had a school of 6 in a 240 gallon tank. Even thought they grew quite large they never bother my smaller fish which included dozens of feeder guppies (which are kind of interesting in their own right.)

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Barbara - 2003-11-18
I never struggled with my Orandas after learning the basics with some simple fish (common golfish, commet goldfish, sarsa comets). The trick is to seriously UNDERSTOCK the tank. And do NOT keep these fish in a bowl. Understock the tank, or else you will end up with serious fin rot, and other related problems. Also, in my experience, they nibbled plants, but rejected blanched and not so lettuce and spinach. Just feed balanced flakes, with a once per week supplements.


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