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Briana - 2003-12-10
I currently have 1 Banjo Cat (male) who is about 5 1/2 inches long. I purchased him from a local pet store. The pet store I purchased him from had one other but refused to sell that one to me as they thought it was almost dead. They refused to listen about how these fish do not move much during the day (this place always has lights on and does NOT have places for these fish to hide) and they kept poking it and eventually threw it out. Im glad I atleast was able to rescue one of them! Most people do not understand these fish and I have heard of a few people flushing them or throwing them away (when the fish was perfectly healthy!!!). Its sad. Mine loves blood worms and will even go after them in the day time with everyone watching. They are very incredible fish and remind me of something you would find in a saltwater tank instead of fresh.

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mike o,shea - 2003-12-09
HI IM MIKE FROM PAIGTON i have a sutchi. i think these fish are great and they have alot of character. i have been keeping fish for about 5 mouths and im learning fast. the sutchi was one of my first fish. i dont recommend this because they are hard to keep as my first sutchi died. but i didnt give up i bought one a week later and had it ever since. sutchis are usually first to catch illness as parasites can attach themselves to them more easily. my sutchi is in quarantine with ulsers on his nose from darting about the tank but is recovering. he will go into my 6x2x2 ft. when hes fully grown ill have a 8x4x2 ft.

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Ganesh - 2003-12-09
I have a 40 gallon tank. I have a flame, Pearl, Blue and Neon gourami, with neon tertas, daimyos, penguins and they seem to get along fine. The chasing goes on once in a while and so far all the gouramis are safe. I just had an initial problem when one of the flame gouramis would chase the other one. I provided a pot into the tank and it became a good hiding place. Another trick is to provide plants (Artificial plants from Tetra will also do). Most of them find a hiding place in the plants and they get a breather from the aggressive ones. This worked very well for my community aquarium.

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Brandon Shirley - 2003-12-09
I love all your fish, I think they are so pretty!

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Ganesh - 2003-12-09
Elegant and they grow well in a Hexagonal tank of 20 to 25 gallons

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Kevin - 2003-12-05
I have three of these in a 30g tank along with a dozen other various tetras, 2 emerald catfish (Brochis splendens - my favorite) and a lone male betta. One of the three chased the betta and nipped his
fins mercilessly for the first week but has since calmed down.

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caleb whittemore - 2003-12-02
I have a six inch pleco in a twenty gallon and he is a very good cleaner and he likes all the other fish in my other tanks.
I have 23 other fish.

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vodies - 2003-12-02
I own a Leporinus fasciatus and he is not aggressive in the least other than if he gets cornered and then he usually just dips his head and shakes his body.

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Anonymous - 2003-12-01
PetSmart has them for $5.99 & WalMart has them for $6.49

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Lucy - 2003-11-30
Lovely, efficient fish, but beware. They are smart little devils and will climb. I had about five square inches of open space, a gap in the hood for my filter. Low and behold, the little sucker managed to climb out of the tank and on to the floor. Also, this fish can be territorial, and if in the right mind will have its way. My second, the fish that preceded the little worm who climbed his way to my living room carpet, had a huge territory problem, he would suck the scales off fish who entered it. I gave him a rock cave to please him, but then he stopped EaTiNg, heaven knows why.


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