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Tina Sears - 2004-03-09
When I first saw this fish it was in a tank with gold gouramis, so I thought he would be a good addition to my gourami tank. Boy, was I wrong, this "plant eater" killed three of my gouramis within the first two days of being in the tank. One of the gouramis it killed was three times its size. Not a good community fish.

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mark - 2004-03-08
If you dont have a Pleco in your tank, you dont know what you are missing. I love them. They are great to watch and you can get so many different kinds, sizes and colours, I have 4 of them. 2 Bristlenosed, 1 Veiltail, 1 Royal and soon to get a Zebra Pleco. They are a great edition to any tank and they dont eat your plants or bully other fish, even the larger Plecos. A must have fish.

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Mike - 2004-03-08
I have one and he is the most fun to watch. if you get one you should feed it par-boiled vegtables like lettuce and cucumbers. They will eat them all day long and they will also eat the algae when they get bored with the vegtables.

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mark - 2004-03-08
I have recently got myself a Blood Red Parrot Fish, he is such a pleasure to watch in the tank. although he is very shy he can also be very nosy. A good addition to my collection, I like them. But today i put a load of snails in the tank for my clown loach, and my Parrot decided to eat almost all of them. I know they eat anything now including snails.

castro - 2004-03-08
this r the cutest fish ever. i have 5 of them. they r so cute you would want to kiss them

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Tracy - 2004-03-07
I love platies! I have only two right now, in a 10 gal. tank, and they are both females. One of them is pregnant. I hope all goes well though because I am going to let her have them in the community tank, and although I have only one other fish, the frey are still at risk. I have had other platies, 2 male, which were the first that I started with. One of them died a few months later. The other was my favorite, and he also died about a month or so after the first one. During the so little time I had with my last male platy, I got him a friend, a female friend, and was he happy! She is still here, and now she has a new friend. :)

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joshua - 2004-03-07
I have had a Jack Dempsy for about nine years now and i can say that he is the best pes i have ever bought!!!! Although he is very aggressive he will not let any fish in his tank except this sucker fish which is a lil bigger then he is. He has a spectacular color probably the coolest color iv ever seen. I would recommend this fish to any one!

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Barbara - 2004-03-06
I have heard and read that gouramis are peaceful, but I tried to put my male flame gourami and my dwarf gourami together, and they fought. They were relentless. My honey(gold)gouramis also fought.

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Jocelyn - 2004-03-06
I got my own Betta he is a green, blue and red he is very colorful I called him Merash I just liked that name

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Rod - 2004-03-06
I have one Ryunkins. It loves to eat flakes. I have it in a big tank because he grows very fast.


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