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steve - 2004-04-07
A unique and interesting fish. Fun to watch swimming due to their jet propulsion system. Despite their reputation for being virtually immobile they can get active at dusk when accustomed to the tank. Make sure you cover part of the tank with sand for them to bury in.

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Susan - 2004-04-07
I love having platies. They are wonderful to watch and comes in various colors and sizes. They are easy to breed and easy to tell apart. I have two platies at the moment. A male and a female that are currently living in a ten gallon tank with other fishes.

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nikits72 - 2004-04-07
Bala shark was one of my first fishes. It is a very peaceful fish. I would advise it to anyone new in this wonderful hobby. It has the apperance of a shark but that is all. It can be stressed easily though.

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Joe Bryan - 2004-04-06
I got it yesterday and it looks almost like a mini arowana. Its face and mouth do anyway

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Anna Hobbs - 2004-04-05
My mother has two albino cories and I believe she still has her emerald still. They are a very hardy fish that have all grown up in a 10-gallon tank for a little over 5 YEARS now. I recommend this fish for any tank - Beginner and Seasoned - as this fish is a joy to watch and an excellent tank cleaner. I have yet to purchase my own cories as soon as my new 29-gallon tank is better established.

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John Daeschner - 2004-04-04
I have a specimen of Agamyxis pectinifrons that I received from a friend. Its about 5 years old and about 4 inches long. Its living conditions were pretty poor when I got it (tough fish), it now resides in a 240 gal. tank and I never see it. In doing some tank cleaning I removed a large rock from the tank and didnt return it until the next day. This fish was clinging to the rock but I did not notice. It lay on the floor for 25 consecutive hours in no more than a tablespoon of water, only what dripped from the rock. When I found it I returned it to the tank and it was fine! More than a week later the fish is healthy, has perfect fins and seems to have suffered no ill effects of any kind.

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Elizabeth - 2004-04-04
I have a Chinese Algae Eater in my tank. He is cute and fun to watch! So far he hasnt climbed out even though there is a space big enough for him to try! He keeps the tank sparkling clean, and doesnt really bother with my other fish and they dont bother him either. (I have tiger barbs, gouramis, and a lg. angel).

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Elizabeth - 2004-04-04
The picture on this site does not do this fish justice!! I have 2 of them and they are absolutely green jewels. I also have 2 "regular" tiger barbs and when I added the green ones to the tank, they instantly took to each other and began schooling together. PS...I also have a large Angel, 4 pink kissing gouramis, and 2 blue gouramis. Tiger Barbs dont really bug the other fish as long as they have friends of their own kind and lots of plants :)

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johnny O - 2004-04-03
I`ve had two of these fish for twenty years,they go for long periods without eating,then they will eat for a period of days,then stop again.They will eat any small fish they can swallow at night when the fish settle down to sleep.

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Tan Joo Fung - 2004-04-02
Wow, tigerbarbs are cute n lively.. They move around the fish tank happily.. I have 11 of them.. I feed them with fish flakes n they love it I suppose. Ha Ha.. Happy watching them n feeding them..


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