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Josh - 2004-03-20
Guppies are perfect for beginners and they are good for season veterins like myself. With their beauiful colors they are the perfect fish to brighten up a fish Tank. One thing to keep in mind though if you have too many guppies together in the same tank then they will nibble at each others tails. Baby guppies can hide in any plants but some are better than others. To prevent having your guppies die there are a couple of fish that you should not put in with the guppies. Some examples are all Barbs (like tiger barbs). i have personally caught my fathers tiger barb biting off parts of tails and pop eggs (from the one time that i had an egg from a nother fish).

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Justin Kent - 2004-03-19
red tailed catfish are beautiful creatures that really do stand out but i do recommend that you only get one if you are that desperate and you have a tank of at least 150 gallons of water and acrylic aquariums would be better with a width of at least 30" 75cm. a good make is akva stabil aquariums. these fish can possibly get to 18" in 1 year

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michael - 2004-03-19
Mine (about 22 inches) got along well with a 7 inch pacu, a 15 inch clown knife, and a very large clawed frog. the trick is to keep them from getting very hungry and they rarely ever had any fights. I finally did trade these fish to a very good LFS due to size, though.

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Natasha Corbit - 2004-03-18
I love my Black Moor! But he poops a lot. He has a big cataract so I can tell him from other fish. I only have one Black Moor, but soon I will get a Black Molly so they mate! He is fat because we just got a new fish tank so he is able to eat more. He is the best fish in the world. I love fish!!!!!!

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michael - 2004-03-17
Texas cichlids have the same doglike characteristics as an Oscar if they are fed a good diet and given good water conditions. Mine is about 6 inches total and I have had him for 3 years. He is also one of the most beautiful aquarium fish available. My wife says it looks like he has green jewels all over him. Mine is not as aggressive as stated here, he gives a display (fins all the way out and shaking , as other cichlids do) but doesnt usually follow through with violence.

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Mayra V. - 2004-03-16
Hello, I also have a Male Betta, and just like my previous Betta he is in a 10 gallon tank with about 3-4 other fish. My previous Betta was in a tank with a silver dollar fish, an algae sucker, and a small gold fish. They all got along, while the Betta taunted the Dollar fish a few times, the Dollar fish did not allow himself to be bullied, and they both eventually got along. Now with my recent Betta, he lives with a chinese algae eater, a black moor, a ghost shrimp, and another fishy who I still have to identify. They all get along, the thing with a Betta is they are territorial, they tend to want space for themselves, a good cave or plant covering can supply that need in a 10 gallon or more tank with other fish as long as it is not crowded. So Bettas do get along with other fish, do not be fooled, especially by Walmart, whos employees ,who always seem so negative to begin with, tell you that you can not have a betta with other fish in the same tank. Space and a place to hide when they want to be antisocial is what the Betta wants. As long as you give them that, they should be alright. And remember to always research your fish.

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anthony hufnagel - 2004-03-16
I have had a jack dempsy for a while. he is in a 55 gallon tank and in this tank i have 1 6in buttycawfree, a 4 in buttycawfree, a 5 inch red devil, and a 6inch jack dempsy. I feed them spectrum food which i have found to be the best food on the market for smaller fish. If you have an aggressive jack dempsy and would like to attempt to tame it you should move it too a larger tank

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Ignacio Villa, Jr. (IV) - 2004-03-15
Tiger barbs are my favorite fish. They are very colorful. I had 5 white clouds with 4 tiger barbs and 3 alibino barbs. They were peaceful with each other. On the other hand, I had 3 danios, and 2 died mysteriously. Now I have 6 tiger barbs and 5 serpae tetras. I feed them flake food everyday and shrimp as a treat.

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Niall - 2004-03-14
these are the most easy fish to care for, they live at room temp.

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Emily - 2004-03-13
My banjo likes the filter!


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