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Anonymous - 2004-02-25
I have two dwarf Gouramis, 4 lyretails, 3 tetras, 2 platys, and 3 catfish in a 20 gallon tank. i have plenty of plants and hiding spots for my fish. The Gouramis are a little timid at first but once they get used to the tank they are wonderful active community fish. once in a while the gouramis will be aggressive towords each other but they are usually very peaceful fish.They are very easy to take care of and will eat from all sections of the aquarium. overall i think Gouramis are very easy to manage and very calm and peaceful community fish.

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kev S - 2004-02-25
well.. i have been keeping mine for like about 5 years and it is about three feet now.. i bought it on my birthday, but anyway this fish is not so hard to care for as long as you got space for this fish. And also this fish grows really fast. My fish got into one and half feet in less than one year when i first bought it. in addition you can also train this fish to eat pellets because mine do. But it is easier to train your fish when it is still a baby fish, once the fish get big, it is really hard to change their diet.
well, this is what i feed my fish: pellets, feederfishes, insects (crickets), shrimps, pawns, beef heart, chicken meat...etc well my fish, my "dragon" just eats about anything that is meaty.
O yea, really important at nite, remember to cover your fish tank really tight and have something heavy to put on top of the cover; because this fish can jump really high and it is a very powerful jumper.
okay guys, have fun keeping with your "dragon" fish because they are really interesting and fun to keep and watch.

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Andrew Crabtree - 2004-02-24
this fish is very entertaining and is very easy to handle and i recomend it it 2 anyone. i have just got my tank and this fish was easy to handle.

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strasser sankar - 2004-02-23
I think that mollies, platys and swordtails have very low defenses against mainly fungus and fungul parasetic diseases and proper precautions should be taken to prevent these diseases. This site gives valuable info. to novices in the fish hobby Strasser Sankar

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john O - 2004-02-22
I have kept these fish for years ,they came in with 200 cardinal tetras I ordered and they are very hardy and long lived.

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Sharon - 2004-02-22
I love my Shubunkins. They are outside in an old minnow vat that I have converted into a water garden. I still have the original 8 that I bought approximately 2 years ago. I just discovered a new addition this week.

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Cory B. - 2004-02-20
These fish seem more susceptible to ich than others. I just got one from the pet store and have been treating it for about 5 days now. It started with just one spot and exploded in a matyer of hours to about 8. They are the only fish I have had catch ich so far...I have owned a few goldfish, mollies, a chinese alge eater, and a guarami (not sure on spelling). However, they seem to be a relatively long lasting fish. They are just fragile in their youth.

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Heather - 2004-02-20
We own one tiger barb. The first one died but this one is doing just fine. We have an assortment of fish, including one angelfish many guppies and some mollies. The tiger barb does like to nibble but has never seriously harmed another fish. Now the angel fish on the other hand is the one we have to worry about!

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Cory B. - 2004-02-20
It sits under the filter and lets the food come to it rather than actualy cleaning the walls of the tank. It only moves if you try to look at it, upon walking up to the glass, it darts out from under the filter. Aside from a little obesity, its healthy and low maintenance.

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Anonymous - 2004-02-20
these are just WILD!


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