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James - 2004-04-10
I have two powder blue dwarf gouramis and was keeping both in a planted 25 gallon tank along with 2 otos and 6 panda cories. The larger of the two (both male) became more and more aggressive toward the other (never the other species) until it was necessary for me to move the victim to a different tank. Unfortunate as the two really had some interesting interaction before the aggression. An absolutely lovely fish.

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kelsey - 2004-04-10
I have two black moor fish. the fish keep me occupied because they are so active i can sit and watch them swim around in the tank for hours at a time!! the fish get along really good (i have a girl and a boy). i just hope they dont have babies because i wont know wat to do with all of them. anyway i am going to ckeck up on them....

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Brie - 2004-04-10
Well.. I have just started keeping an Arowana about 3 months ago. He is about 3-4in and is very cute. He stays in a tank with a 3-4in clown knife a good sized Eel, and surprisingly a male betta. They are all great together. Ive had him since he had his yolk sac, so hes my little baby. He eats Pellets 4 carniverious fish, and loves them. He also eats the remains of worms from my Eel
He has not tried an escape yet but i am sure hes thinking about it when i take off the lid. Thanx 4 all ur help....
Brie 2004-05-10

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Sal - 2004-04-09
My Agamyxis is now 17 years old and has survived 2 Long distance House moves, a move to a different tank and numerous tank mates and is still going strong. He/she looks great too.

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kira - 2004-04-08
i am buying a a tank but me neon tetra lives in a pikle jar!

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steve - 2004-04-07
Its easy to keep, it looks great and it keeps your tank clean. Everyone should have one.

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Rick - 2004-04-07
I bought my Striped Raphael when he was only about 1-1/2 inches long. I have now had this fish for 12 years. He is now 8-1/2 inches long, not counting his whiskers. He is extremely inactive, except at feeding time. His favorite food is the Hikari Tropical Sinking Wafers. He cannot wait for them to sink, though. He comes to the top of the tank and catches them on the way down. He will even take them from my fingers. His eating habits are often very irregular. Sometimes he will go for two weeks without eating anything, but occasionally he will eat 8 wafers in one evening. He also sleeps in very strange positions. More than once I have thought he was dead because he would be floating upside down and motionless under something in the tank. Lately, he sleeps standing on his tail between the heater and the corner of the tank. He has been a great fish and never bothered the other fish in the tank. For 10 years his best friend was a very active Angelicus Catfish, who recently passed away. They seemed to have opposite personalities, but they always stayed together.

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steve - 2004-04-07
A unique and interesting fish. Fun to watch swimming due to their jet propulsion system. Despite their reputation for being virtually immobile they can get active at dusk when accustomed to the tank. Make sure you cover part of the tank with sand for them to bury in.

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Susan - 2004-04-07
I love having platies. They are wonderful to watch and comes in various colors and sizes. They are easy to breed and easy to tell apart. I have two platies at the moment. A male and a female that are currently living in a ten gallon tank with other fishes.

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nikits72 - 2004-04-07
Bala shark was one of my first fishes. It is a very peaceful fish. I would advise it to anyone new in this wonderful hobby. It has the apperance of a shark but that is all. It can be stressed easily though.


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