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Steven Lammie - 2004-05-01
These are truly beautiful fish! some are metalic green and others are really dark blue! As they are a different colour variety of tiger barb, they will shoal quite happily with normal tiger barbs and albino tiger barbs. When these fish are sexually mature, the males will show off to each other and their fins errect and show beautiful colouration, they scrap a bit to gain higher ranks in the shoal. In the community aquarium, it is best to keep at least 8 tiger barbs, so they will quarrel amongst themselves and will not bother other tank mates as much.

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Bryan Davenport - 2004-04-30
I noticed a lot of comments on the male flame gouramis being agressive and I would put my lot there also. However, it has only been against the two goldfish that we have.

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Jill - 2004-04-30
My goldfish, Poko, is 11 years old and over 10 inches long. He is a really cool fish (although I am not sure if Poko is a he or a she, but I have always assumed it is a he). A while back he started getting a growth on his eye, and it keeps getting bigger. He will bump it on something every once and a while and it will fall off, but it will grow back, even bigger. I think it is some sort of tumor or something, but I have not found anyone who knows what it is for sure. I have tried different medications, and it will seem to get a little better at first, but it stops working after a while. A read in one book that things like this would need to be surgically removed... But I do not know anyone who would perform surgery on a fish!

Elysia - 2004-04-30
I have five fish, the common goldfish is my favorite!!!!!!! He always puts on a show when I go to the tank. I think my fish can feel the vibration fo my voice through the water when I speak. haha.

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Susan - 2004-04-29
I just got 3 saturday and when i came from work today one of them had died. I am just heart broken. Who would think you could get so attached to a fish?

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Heather W. - 2004-04-28
my pet betta is blue and his name is Cheechee. At first I thought he was a girl but I did some research & found out he was a girl! I think betta fish are awesome!!!

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Al - 2004-04-28
I have a species tank of Trichogaster trichopterus and they do fine, It had pvc pipe and stuff in it to hide so its pretty good for them


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Misty - 2004-04-28
I have had my Oranda in a goldfish bowl for at least four months and he is doing great. I convinced my friend to get one as well. My fish Wonka is very sociable and blows bubbles at me when I feed him.

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Shawn - 2004-04-27
My pink giant gourami was only about 4 inches when I first bought it. After about 5 months, it grew to about 12 inches! It eats a lot and grows real fast. When it is hungry, it will keep begging for food whenever I approach it. But after a heavy meal it will become quite nervous and hides whenever I come close to it. Quite an interesting fish. It will swallow whatever that can fit into its mouth. Now that it is big enough, whenever I place my finger onto the tank glass, it will start attacking it by knocking its mouth against the tank glass!

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Vivian - 2004-04-27
I have had mine 18 mths and luv it !! I bought crickets for it and was amazed at the way it pounced on them, A real treat to have in any tank


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