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Tyler Greer - 2004-03-26
The common pleco displays sexual differences in males by small barbels that grow around the mouth when they are mature, females have larger stomachs. As many of you have found, they can grow quite large, leading to good resale value. I have a clown knifefish, an arowana, two young plecs and a rainbow shark. All are carnivorous, but leave the 3" plecos alone.

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chris l. - 2004-03-25
i have pictures of them breeding in my tank

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Sherry Segnitz - 2004-03-25
My husband and I bought a redtail catfish about 3 months ago, his name is Thor, he is the best fish I have ever bought, he does not require much maintenance and he is very aggressive, he has ate many of his tank mates including angelfish, he had growm quite a bit since we have had him, we have him in a 55 gallon aquarium right now and are planning on buying a 220 gallon. They are a very easy fish to have and take care of as long as you dedicate a little time everyday to them. I would recommend a redtail catfish to anyone who asked me about them. It takes very little time for them to become a part of your family. We can interact with him, we can pet his head they are very smart catfish, and hopefully soon he will let us feed him out of our hands, they are great fish just to sit down and watch, we feed our redtail catfish live fish (feeders).

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Emily - 2004-03-25
Actually, I have 2 male bettas and I either put a mirror next to their tanks or set their tanks next to each other. I have read on many different web sites that it is good for the betta to have company, even if it is just a mirror. But, my bettas are in a little tank, less that half gallon, and they have lived for a little over a year now. I have one betta, purple and yellow, that I named Spirit and the other ones name is Snuggles. I just thought that Snuggles was a cute name so I named him that. I keep my bettas by them selves, with no other fish or snail in the tank. It is though, ideal to have a small snail in the tank with your betta to keep the tank clean. Some of you say that bettas are the best pets to have and I think that is 100% true. They are so easy to take care of! DO NOT PUT TWO MALES IN THE SAME TANK UNLESS YOU HAVE A DIVIDER BETWEEN THEM! Females you can put together. And Wal-Mart, finally, is starting to carry larger cups for their bettas. I have heard that a male and a female betta should not be put together until they are ready to be bred. The male will attack the females, other males, and the baby fish (fry). And again, a betta is the best starters fish.

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Anonymous - 2004-03-25
i have 4 albinos and they are nothing but peaceful to their other tankmates. they will occasionally play fight with themselves but they never do any damage.

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anthony - 2004-03-24
I hve a black moor i got for 1.88 cents. i am 12 yrs old. it is a easy fish to take care of

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BigSquid - 2004-03-24
Goldfish are fabulous, but just be careful what breeds you put together. My recommendation (from personal experience) is DO NOT put Common and Bubble-eyes together! Pick one or the other!

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April 3-22-04 - 2004-03-22
I have one lionhead named Krunch, a celestial eye named Pegasis and a bubble eye named Milo. they are so great. the lionhead is so cute when he swims. they each have there one personality. I recommend goldfish to everybody.

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homer - 2004-03-21
Platies are my favorite tropical fish. The different varieties of colors and their small size make them a sight for sore eyes when you put them in a school together. I currently have a heavily-decorated 10-gal. tank with a mating pair of blue-coral dawn platies, a deep-red platy, and a long-bodied, gold-cream platy with pink eyes, although I think he could be a molly--not really sure--regardless, he is gorgeous. The mating pair has just given birth to a bunch of fries and they look so cute swimming around really fast looking for food and hiding from the adults. If they survive to adult-hood, I will be moving all my platies to my bigger 29-gal. community tank (since no 10-gal. will be sufficient enough to hold about 16 platies).

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Josh - 2004-03-20
Guppies are perfect for beginners and they are good for season veterins like myself. With their beauiful colors they are the perfect fish to brighten up a fish Tank. One thing to keep in mind though if you have too many guppies together in the same tank then they will nibble at each others tails. Baby guppies can hide in any plants but some are better than others. To prevent having your guppies die there are a couple of fish that you should not put in with the guppies. Some examples are all Barbs (like tiger barbs). i have personally caught my fathers tiger barb biting off parts of tails and pop eggs (from the one time that i had an egg from a nother fish).


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