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Fat freak josh - 2004-06-08
Guppies are an awesome, beautiful, hardy fish that are easy to breed. I breed guppies and they never fail to amaze me on how many new brilliant and vivid color patterns or mixes the new babies have. The guppy is a type of fish that is perfect for experts and newcomers into the aquarium hobby alike.

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Anne Jackson - 2004-06-05
My red parrot is so nice, he lives with a redtail black shark, a silver shark, sword tails, black phantom tetras, black widow tetras, dwarf gouramis, kissing gouramis, siamese fighters, common plec, giant danio, american flagfish and angel fish and the tank is so peaceful. He has developed some black markings lately. He never bothers other fish but does like to be the only one at feeding times when he dives for the food. I feed him Veg flakes, Colour flakes, mixed live food, catfish pellets and cucumber just give something different every day. If i go to the tank he dives to the top thinking he is going to be fed. I would advise this fish and i have kept kribensis which is from the same family and they are not as nice but red parrot fish are so timid and friendly fish, a must for anyone with a large tank and places to hide.

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Adam - 2004-06-02
Hello love the site. I have a Redtail catfish as well, he is quite big at almost 3 feet long. Hes the best fish I have ever owned and is very clever. He is like one of the family and eats allmost 90 Goldfish a month. Im going to start feeding him trout soon as well as fruit. Hes in a tank which is 6 foot long, 2 and a half wide, and 2 and a half deep but he seems happy for now.

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gords - 2004-06-02
i have four beautiful giant gouramis (2 albinos and 2 common) and i intend to breed them soon. - gords

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Lydia Borilovic - 2004-06-02
I never thought I would be into fish but when I saw the bubble-eye I fell in love. They are the funniest little fishies, who would have thought that fish could be so entertaining? I could watch their swimming style and the way they rub their little bubbly cheeks against each other every now and then, for hours on end.
I think it is really cool that their eyes are at the front of their face and that they can look straight out at you from the tank.

These fish have personality plus. I have two and they are called Cherry (short for Cherub) and Cooky, because he is. Cooky is cool because he swims upside down in the tank scanning the gravel... Amazing!!

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r. hyde - 2004-05-30
Mollies are great starter fish, easily mixed with tetras or danios.

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Candy - 2004-05-30
My black moor, Misha, is a constant source of pleasure for me. I came on the site to see how to best take care of her. Thanks for everything!

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Anika - 2004-05-29
As with all gouramis whose mature size is around 4 inches- it is unwise to mix with the dwarf varieties. I have had horrible experiences with a homicidal gold gourami- who mauled and killed a neon dwarf gourami. Anything that is smaller, weaker, or in the wrong place at the wrong time is a potential target. In their defense they are beautiful and can be tamed. The ideal setting in my opinon for these fish is a 30+ gallon tank with one gold gourami, one pearl gourami, one opaline/blue/3 spot gourami, 3 LARGE bronze corys, and lots of hiding spaces. I have heard that the females are less tempermental but you may want to confirm that with another source. Also- if you have a good fish dealer- they will be able to inform you which fish have a tendency towards violence and which seem to be calm.

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Samantha - 2004-05-28
I found out that female bettas can be colourful too. When i was breeding a pair, i saw and recognised the more colourful one as the female! It was a surprise for me and know i know that not only males can be colourful.

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DAWN - 2004-05-27
The plecostomus is an excellent cleaner for the aquarium, however, they can be very territorial. I have a 70 gal. tank with 3 discus and one 8 inch plecos. I feed him plenty, but he is so aggressive (always chasing and harrassing my discus) that I am forced to find a new home for him. Do not put your plecos with such mild mannered fish as discus.


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