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Trevor - 2004-06-25
I love the fat little guys in the morning when I stick my finger in the tank. My baby Balloon Mollies that survive are the funniest they never leave eachothers sides.

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Tracey Bassett - 2004-06-23
I have 3 dojo loaches, 5 red eye tetra, 4 desert rainbow fish, 1 Australian rainbow fish, 2 blue gouramis, 2 guppies, and a sucker fish all in a 30 gallon tank. They all get along great. My gouramis are both males and are about 3 inches in length. They chase each other, but no harm is done.

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joe - 2004-06-22
These fish are great! The are very hardy and adapt well to harsh water quality. This makes them excellent starter fish. I suggest a school of at least 5 as these guys tend to be shy in groups less than that. I have them in with Black Widow Tetra and they get alone just fine. No nipping and they hang together!

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Dick Henry - 2004-06-21
My goldfish has grown past your average. My goldfish has grown to be about a foot and a half long in my 150 gallon tank.

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Amanda Pearson - 2004-06-21
I have 3 electric yellow cichlids and they are each about 7 inches long. I have a 70 gallon tank, and they seem very happy in it.I have had them for 2 years now, and they are very agressive.I have been feeding them feeder fish for 3 to 4 months now.I recommend this fish to anyone who is looking for a very beautiful fish.

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Anonymous - 2004-06-21
I have 4 anglefish in a 150 gallon tank along with 2 bala sharks and a tin foil barb. They get along great. My anglefish is about six inches long.

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~Vawn~ - 2004-06-19
I have an Albino Hypostomus Plecostomus.I am looking for some info on how to tell a male from a female,.this site has helped me out on some questions, but not all. My Pleco is about 4inches long. His tank mates are a few guppies, they get along fine.

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Meghann - 2004-06-19
I am a huge animal lover and they seem to love me but fish and I never got along. I tried goldfish several times but they died within a few days. My brother gave me his 10 gallon tank when he went away but I had to give it to my mother because the fish were dying. My brother came back this year and got a male betta. He told me they were rather easy to maintain so I thought I would give it a try. I now have three bettas, red, white, and blue. They have lived in my room for three months in 1 gallon vases, with rocks and plants. I had been told that bettas are not very active but that is not true with mine. Mine are extremely active, in fact I hardly ever see them rest. My red betta loves to blow bubbles and the blue and white betta actually do syncronized swimming "monkey see monkey do." My brother tends to be jealous because his betta never does anything. If I can take care of bettas anyone can.

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Angie - 2004-06-19
I have 5 silver dollars in a 55 gallon with about 20 mollys. They are beautiful! They are peaceful and pleasant! I recommend these easy keepers!

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Kimberly - 2004-06-17
My Black Moors name is Schwartzie and he shares a tank with a calico fantail named Gefilte. He has a really unusual behaviour. He will lay at the bottom of the tank for minutes at a time just staring at the world through some glass rocks. I guess he likes the way it distorts the images or maybe its like glasses for him. I read that moors have pretty poor eyesight... Who knows? After he watches the world go by for a few minutes, he takes a few laps around the tank and then finds another rock to stare through. Very funny to watch!


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