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Allaela - 2004-07-19
I have two gold gouramis. I had them in a 10 gallon tank with my two goldfish and an African Dwarf Frog. They didnt chase any of them, but one of the gold gouramis got very territorial and started to beat up the other one to the point that i never saw it because it was to scared to come out! Anyway now i have them in a much bigger tank with an electric yellow cichlid and a brown knife. They dont bother each other anymore besides the ocasional chase and the one that was getting beat up so bad is now the one that is doing some of the chasing!! I just hope that all of the fish will do fine with the discus cichlid that im planning to get and im getting rid of the yellow cichlid because it is just too aggressive with all of the fish that i have. He even killed his mate!!!!

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Gloria - 2004-07-18
I have had my redtail for about 5 months, and am really intrigued by him. He eats like a horse. We feed him smelt, feeders, and pellets. I discovered one morning that my full-sized Jack Dempsey was missing in a haze of filmy water that was once crystal clear eight, hours prior to the discovery. Make sure you keep your tank stocked with feeders at all times or you will surely see a disappearing act in the morning. I highly recommend this fish, as he truly is a conversation piece.

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Kit - 2004-07-17
Be careful with Chinese Algae eaters. They will occasionally nibble algae, but once they discover the wonders of fallen flake food, they will prefer that over algae. Chinese Algae eaters also tend to nibble on other fish when they get bored. They are particularly fond of the slime coatings and trailing fins of my angelfish and betta. If you are looking for an interesting fish to eat your surplus of algae, you would be better off trying to find a Siamese Algae Eater. He looks similar, but not the same as the Chinese Algae Eater. My Siamese Algae Eater, Sludge, does a great job with all the algae that pops up in my planted tank.

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Marcus Barber - 2004-07-16
I first bought 15 feeder goldfish at 5 for a dollar 3 years ago. The nice lady at the pet store gave me one extra. They were only about an inch long. In the past 3 years 3 have died but the rest are between 5 and 6 inches long. They seem to be growing too fast but that is probably only because I have kept them in an outdoor tank. I guess you could call it a tank it is actually a huge tractor tire that is approximately 450 gallons and is directly hooked to a well and has water available anytime. There is a faucet thing underwater that is tied to a plastic float. All I have to do is push the float down and water comes out. The tank is about 4 foot across and 3 foot deep. I keep them there all year round even in the winter. It freezes about 2 inches solid every year about every day in the winter. I am only 14 years old so I`m out of school during the winter because of snow so I have this sledge hammer to bust the ice gently so not to scare the fish. The tank doesn`t have any sort of filtration just when I dip out about 10% of the water every day.

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gourami1234 - 2004-07-16
Angelfishes are very nice fishes with big brains.they are beautiful fishes with colors as vibrant as the rainbow

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Jeanne - 2004-07-13
I have 2 lovely lionheads and they are currently trying to breed. I really enjoy them so much. They remind me of manatees!


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Polar - 2004-07-12
I have kept 2 Balloons for a few months already. I find them easy to keep and fairly low maintanence. These fish are very responsive and will often turn and look if someone passes close to the tank. They usually fight with each other over food.

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Nicky C - 2004-07-12
i am a swordtail breeder and i have 15 tanks with over 2000 swortail babies which started from the 1 pair and still increasing.

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Anonymous - 2004-07-12
My boyfriend bought me a fantail when he asked me to senior prom. We had "joint custody" of it when I went to college an hour away. I took it back this summer and read that they are communal fish so I tried to buy him a small red hooded one for a friend. The new fish was undetectably sick and died a few days later. About 4 days later, my prom fish died. Just a word for the wise, shop around before you add goldfish to your existing ones- visit the place you buy them from a few times and check to make sure none of the fish in their tank are ill.

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Lee - 2004-07-10
I love bubble eye fish too but I got a bigger problem then getting his bubble stuck in the filter. It stuck twice, shrunk until not seen and then it grew back. But alas, it grew back twice the size. So my bubble eye is very healthy but the sacs have since grown so big that he cannot see properly. He cannot even breathe properly as the sacs keep obstructing his mouth, and most importantly, the sacs are too heavy for him. He can hardly swim and that means he has no strength to swim up for food. Guys, really appreciate if anyone out there got a remedy. I love my bubble eye and do not want him to die like that.


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