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narco - 2004-05-21
Fighting fish is a great breed for they are very entertaining in accordance to their looks, needs, strength, and great empowerment from themselves. i sometimes spend leisure time taking care of them and i see some of my friends made their fish fight for another mate in which we like and enjoy at all...

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narco - 2004-05-21
Tiger barbs are cute and lovely fishes although i have to get rid of them in my tank for they always nip on my other fishes which caused them death so i have to get rid of them and evacuate them to a smaller tank which eventually leave them biting each other and caused them death...

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Matt - 2004-05-21
i have six firemouth cichlids that are about 2" long there in a 2 foot aquarium at the momont with 2 parrot cichlids but in soon gonna get them a 4 foot tank i think ive got 3 males and 3 females .they are in my opinion the best looking cichlids i know

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Matt - 2004-05-18
I just wanted to add my comments to this - I had a Chinese Algae eater for forever - just died recently - I think of old age. It was at least 6 years old and it grew to be a lot bigger than normally seen (around 6.5-7.0 inches). It was a really cool fish, practically indestructible, but it was extremely territorial. I kept it with cichlids so they held their own. But it was a moody little SOB, would rearrange its tank if the plants and cave werent in the right spot, etc. I would suggest that you have some sort of cave or hiding place for them as mine liked to hide until nighttime.

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sue - 2004-05-18
They are the cutiest things you ever saw I love them amd have 5 tanks filled with them they are so cute

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matt s - 2004-05-18
i have two 3 inch parrots they are my favourite fish i keep them with six firemouth cichlids. they are the bosses of the tank and dont let any fish get in there way . they have just layed eggs today but from what ive heard they wont hatch but ill just have to wait and see.

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carl - 2004-05-17
Surprisingly active but peaceful fish. Mixed in a school of regular tiger barbs and albino, they pay no attention to the other fish in the aquarium. I have a total of 9 tiger barbs and they stick close to each other

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ben - 2004-05-16
heavily susceptible to desease, spreading among communual members of the same species only at alarming rates. as of yet ive been unable to rescue them once one has contracted an illness

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Holly Blankenmeyer - 2004-05-16
My poor fish got one of his sacs sucked into the filter. it is now completely gone. I am assumming that they do not grow back. It is possible for the fish to survive with only one sac and no dorsel fin.

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Justn - 2004-05-14
I have had my pleco for about 3-4 months and he is great. he eats all the alge and left over food. I have him in with my 2 Blue gouramis, 2 Dwarf gouramis, 1 Gold gourami, and 1 Blue danio and he does fine. The only real problem I have with him is that he re-arranges the tank the way he wants, no matter how many times I fix it. Besides the fact they are awsome fish to keep.


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