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Truong - 2004-10-13
They were the first fish that I kept in this hobby. Yes, they are very hardy and easy to keep. I think they are worth the effort to keep but they should not be kept in a bowl. An aquarium with a filter and airstones is a very nice home for them.

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Jes - 2004-10-13

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Denise - 2004-10-12
We bought our Pangasius from PetSmart too. The information there says it grows to 8". It is now 16" and still growing! The description on this site is very accurate. I will say, Pangasius can be very sweet when they get used to you. Ours is in a 50 gallon tank with five Cichlids and a Plecostamus. We need to go to a bigger tank now because the Pangasius is banging around and needs more room. Oh, it makes a mess when it has to go. Its really increased our need for tank cleanings!

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Rusty Breland - 2004-10-12
I bought my Black Moor about six months ago. His name is Burt and truly is an amazing creature. Sometimes he will swim against the current from the filter. I think he wishes that he was a salmon. He is King of the Mountain in the tank. Everyone should have at least one.

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levi - 2004-10-11
I have 2 one for 5 years and one for four. They are extremely hardy fish. One of them once jumped out of my tank and fell onto the floor (a four foot fall). I have no clue how long it was there but when I came home and put him back in the tank he sort of floated upside down and barely moved his gills. After a day he was swimming upside down in circles. And after a couple more days he was swimming like normal fish but all his fins rotted away. they grew back and now hes fine.

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Kim - 2004-10-10
I have a blue gourami in a 10 gallon tank with a yoyo loach, a glass fish, a black tetra, two platies and one swordfish. I have had them all together with no problems for the past month and a half. The blue gourami is growing bigger now. In the past two days it has attacked and killed both of my platies who were at least half its size. It chases the swordfish, but I have put in extra hiding places and it seems to be okay. The black tetra is the same size as the blue gourami, but the blue gourami still chases the tetra. The tetra is a lot faster than the gourami though. I will not be putting any more small fish in the same tank as the gourami.

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Jennifer.M.S. - 2004-10-09
I am a huge fish lover and about a month ago i got my first betta. He is a beautiful red male with long fins. When i come into the room, my betta notices and starts swimming around happpily. Bettas are probably one of the best fish to have.They dont eat much, require not too much space and are beautiful!

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Ann - 2004-10-09
I had two of these to start and they lasted a long time until they died a few days ago (stress from moving). I bought four more to replace them and they seem to be doing well with the other fish, although they love to nip at each other.

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Ann - 2004-10-09
They are quite easy to care for and I had several who managed to breed. They get along well with the other fish but my serpae tetra love to nip on them.

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colozamia - 2004-10-09
I took Clide, my silver arowana, to the vet (university veterinary hospital) because he was not eating and had a bulging right eye. Think twice before you do this because he thrashed so hard in the tupperware that he lost the feelers on his lower lip and several scales, as well as had a bashed up nose, and was mad at me for a week and would not let me feed or pet him for a week even though he would eat when my daughter fed him. Arowanas are very smart fish and definitely recognize different people and remember things. He is ok now though.


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