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Penny - 2004-08-16
Our bubble eye (Nemo) lives in our pond. He has gotten his bubble stuck in the string algae several times this year. The first time I had to just cut the string it was so tightly wrapped. His bubble turned black and then deflated. It is now back to normal, just a few weeks later and he is as cute as ever.

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Christopher Lee - 2004-08-14
I have two Red-Tailed catfish that just a year ago were as tiny as the typical goldfish would be. They were very cute and I was so enchanted by their exotic beauty I had to have them. I bought three and they were all very small. One -the smallest- quickly became lunch, to my dismay. I learned FAST that these are not your typical pet. Everything from my neon tetras to the plecostamus was disappearing, and the red-tails were growing. One was very aggressive and became much larger than the other. It soon turned its attention for lunch on my other remaining red-tail and I had to get a second 75 gallon tank to keep them apart. By that time they were a over a foot long with heads as large as a size 13 shoe. They eat out of my hands anything I feed them;frozen krill, and frozen or live feeder fish from the local petstore. I have never had a fish or pet that I enjoy caring for more than these catfish. The biggest of them is named Jaws and Whiskers is now growing rapidly since being placed in the new tank. I plan to get larger tanks in the future that resemble the South American habitat they thrive in. That will leave two empty tanks for a possible return of "normal" aquarium keeping...

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angelica - 2004-08-14
i have two redcap orandas in a 40 gallon tank. I handfeed them with a mixture of live bloodworms, mashed peas, flakes, and tubiflex worms. they are so alert and lively, i love them to bits. one of my redcaps is 4 months old and the other is 9 months old with a well developed hood that most redcaps take 2 years to achieve. if you feed your fish an excellent varied diet that include lots of live food, then your fish will blossom and grow into magical creatures.

Angelica. cambridge .england

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kriss - 2004-08-10
i just got my first fish fantail goldfish. i love them so much. they are really cute. they are small.

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Evan - 2004-08-06
I have two chinese algae eaters. They are a very interesting fish. They are in with some cichlids and they are very tough little guys. They keep my tank 100 pecent clean all the time. I recommend them to all aquarists!!!!!!!!!!!

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charlie hall - 2004-08-05
These are very good pets for even beginners. although the info on this page says they generally are not aggressive this is only true in some cases. my balas, that are all more than 15 inches long, have taken a nip at my fingers when placing cave-rocks and other items in the bottom of my tank, and in one case even drew blood.

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Apryl - 2004-08-05
I have been getting ready to set up my old 33 gallon tank and was peeking on the internet for new breeds of aquarium fishes when I found this interesting site! In response to the lady who lost her butterfly to their bad flight habits, I have a warning. This goes out to all butterfly owners. There may be a day when you come home from work to find your favorite fish laying on the floor behind the couch. When you pick up the dried little body, **DONT TOSS IT IN THE TOILET RIGHT AWAY** I had no idea how long my butterfly had been out of the water but I was not giving up that easy. She was dried and crusty, as dead as dead ever looked. I put her in the tank juuuuuuust to be positive, and you had better believe it, she was swimming within an hour!! No difference in her behavior, eating habits, abilities, nothing! She lived for quite some time after that as well. I also kept that two inch gap at the back of the lid covered from then on!! Happy butterfly watching people!

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Torrey - 2004-08-04
I have one pleco that is about 4-5 inches in my 55 gallon tank. He is new to the tank. My tank consists of 2 baby red zebra cichlids, 2 other unknown cichlids and a goldfish. My other adult cichlids are quarantined because of an illness. I am soon getting a larger pleco about 6-7 inches long. A Pleco is an extremely hardy fish. They are great algae eaters. I never had an aggressive pleco in my tank(probably because I have cichlids). Great fish.

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Cynthia C. - 2004-08-04
Hello Black Moor fans! I recently (4 days ago) purchansed a Black Moor, named Magellan, and an orange Oranda/Fantail type fish, named Tangy. They get along splendidly with each other! Tangy is very adventurous, exploring the castle and wedging himself between the filter and the glass (he has planty of room to escape). Magellan is a bit more passive, content to just lounge around the tank taking in a couple laps here and there. Both are WONDERFUL fishies and bring me hours of entertainment and relaxation.

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Anonymous - 2004-08-02
Black mollies really are fun fish. After keeping them for a while, I learned that you could convert them to a saltwater fish. They seemed to make a great addition to my saltwater tank!


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