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Torrey - 2004-08-04
I have one pleco that is about 4-5 inches in my 55 gallon tank. He is new to the tank. My tank consists of 2 baby red zebra cichlids, 2 other unknown cichlids and a goldfish. My other adult cichlids are quarantined because of an illness. I am soon getting a larger pleco about 6-7 inches long. A Pleco is an extremely hardy fish. They are great algae eaters. I never had an aggressive pleco in my tank(probably because I have cichlids). Great fish.

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Cynthia C. - 2004-08-04
Hello Black Moor fans! I recently (4 days ago) purchansed a Black Moor, named Magellan, and an orange Oranda/Fantail type fish, named Tangy. They get along splendidly with each other! Tangy is very adventurous, exploring the castle and wedging himself between the filter and the glass (he has planty of room to escape). Magellan is a bit more passive, content to just lounge around the tank taking in a couple laps here and there. Both are WONDERFUL fishies and bring me hours of entertainment and relaxation.

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Anonymous - 2004-08-02
Black mollies really are fun fish. After keeping them for a while, I learned that you could convert them to a saltwater fish. They seemed to make a great addition to my saltwater tank!

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Jennifer - 2004-08-02
We have 2 platies that were a gift to my son on his 5th birthday. They have been GREAT as a fish for beginners. It turns out they are very hardy fish and have survived (and thrived) despite the fact that we are just learning how to keep an aquarium healthy. They even survived a bout with "protozoan velvet" parasite that must have come from the pet store. I love how energetic and colorful they are, and have become as attached to the little buggers as my son is.

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Hannah - 2004-08-01
I have 4 Angel Fish and I love them very much. 1 is my veteran angel, he is huge, about 7.5 inches long. I just recently got him some buddies, 3 med. sized angels of differnt colors. These are amazingly smart fish with heart and brains!!! They will eat you out of house and home if you let them!!

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Brent - 2004-07-30
i just wanted to say that i love my sword tails. i just got them about a week ago, i hope the female gets pregnant. they are excellent community fish. i have them in a 50 gallon tank with 7 mollies, a school of 5 bala sharks, 3 black skirt tetras, 1 male betta, and a shy little fiddler crab. they all get along just fine. i guess i will know when my female sword tail is pregnant cause she will get fat i assume. i have a breeder net ready, i just hope it comes soon.

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Mike - 2004-07-30
i have 2 of these little critters and they are a great fish to have. they are somewhat terrotorile(did i spell that right), and will nip or play with the other fish. i recommend them highly for any fish owner. i dont think they are good starter fish though.

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Lianna - 2004-07-30
i never knew that my goldfish was a lionhead goldfish, till i read this article thanks! and all this time i thought he was just fat. lol

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Eddie Monge - 2004-07-29
I have about 2 years having Arowanas and they are the most incredible fish there are. you can teach them to eat directly from your hand, and they even ask for food when hungry. my very first one once jumped a little bit more than 3 feet out of his tank, so remember always get a cover for your tank. by the way, the practice of feeding them from your hand could be dangerous with grown arowanas, so if you did not teach them since babies you better not do it.

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Jordan - 2004-07-28
My Fantail Goldfishes are very fun to watch and talk to when you need at a friend!


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