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davanna - 2004-09-09
hi there i love bubble eye gold fish when i went into walmart, i saw one little bubble guy all alone.i fell in love with him. hes white and so cute his name is bubble but. now hes got a sore so i have been putting med it fix to help him. my orange one is called tropica. i love him too. he got caught in a filter the other day and i hope he will be ok.if your bubble guy has a hard time eating, get those sinking granulars. they are food that sinks to the bottom and the fish eat it. i love my bubble fish and dont want to lose them. they really got cute personalities on them and i am really attached to them. wish i could just pet them. the only place that sells them here is walmart. no pet stores, very rare here.

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jesse - 2004-09-09
i have about twenty of these little suckers.they are really easy to take care of. i started out with 2 eletric yellow cichlids and one blue one. i suppose the fish cross breed because the fish i have now are half blue half yellow. and these fish are about a year old now and there mating with each other.
so i have a lot of these fish im willing to sell. and i did absolutly nothing to have these fish breed. in the same tank i have to blue gills and a pleco. and i have no problems with agression, but the cichlids i have now are only like a inch long and the stand right up to the big blue gill i have.

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Katie - 2004-09-08
I had a butterfly in my aquarium for almost a year, but about six months ago I bought an alligator gar. Within that six months he grew to almost 15 inches (and still getting bigger!). And one day, my butterfly mysteriously disappeared...

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Changjoon Song - 2004-09-07
this site is awesome. has good informations.... at least for me. i better come more often.

ps: betta fish rock!!!

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Sian - 2004-09-07
I have a common goldfish named Sam. I have had him for eight months and he is really beautiful. I originally bought 3 fish but the other two died.

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Valerie - 2004-09-06
I have had my pleco for about 4 years now. He (or she) is 12" long & lets me hand feed him flake food. When it is feeding time, he swims to the top of the water & I just drop the flakes in his mouth!!

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VeNuS - 2004-09-06
I have a 30 gallon tank, with 11 shark/catfish. 6 of the black tips
and 5 of the iridecent 3 of the 11 are almost 7 inches long.
I can not get over how fast they are growing.
I also have in my tank, 4 Angel fish, 2 Kissing Grouramis, some pink & blue tetras, some mollies, 2 loaches, 2 bottom feeders, and 4 bottom feeder catfish.
At Xmas I am going to be getting a 55 gallon tank to put them in.
I found all the stuff on this webpage very useful.
Any ideas as what I can put in the 55 gallon tank to make them more comfortable?

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jess - 2004-09-06
hey i once had a guppy and it lived a long time. here is a tip though, always clean the bowl yourself and dont leave soap in it. fish dont really like that!

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sumguy - 2004-09-06
I wish I had 1. they are so freakin cute.

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Richard Garcia - 2004-09-05
I inherited a 70 gallon tall tank from my mother in law and there were two Serpaes in it at the time. After the initial move one was obviously stressed and became ill. Within about a week it was healthy again (Used an ick treatment), and after a month his fins were back and bright(they are the long finned variety). Ive since added 6 more in groups of three, the first batch was bought from a new LFS whos water quality was admittedly poor, the second from a LFS the has a great reputation, the first three died, the last three are thriving. A very beautiful community fish with a lot of personality and not the least bit shy. They will nip fins but are not overly aggressive. I definitly recommend the long fin variety.


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