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Jack - 2004-08-26
i have had my silver dollar for about 10 years now....he is in a tank with 4 cichlids and a pleco...the pleco has been in there since he has

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Shay - 2004-08-26
I think that Platies are one of the best fish u can have!

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Shay - 2004-08-26
I hate when you see those games at the carnival where the prize is a live goldfish. I mean most people just throw it in a cheap plastic bowl when they get home and then they forget about it and claim goldfish only live for a few days.

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alexandra - 2004-08-26
My experience with Bubble-eyes is that the bubble does grow back after being deflated. Typically, it will turn black as a sign that it is healing.

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Bryan - 2004-08-25
I have a Black Moor named PHIL. We found him in a horse water tank on our property. We dont know how he got there but he has a new home now. He ROCKS!!!

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larissa - 2004-08-24
To all betta lovers. today i bought two lovely females. I all ready have a male so i thought i would get them to breed. My male is probably the meanest fish in the world . He goes at any thing that enters his tank! He is so much fun to watch. The girls are more relaxed and do not fight at all. The betta fish are the only fish i have ever got a bond with. Its amazing my male fish only likes me. I read to him every night before i go to bed. When ever i say his name, jojo, he will swim around really fast in his tank. Believe it or not he jumps out of the water when i come over to his tank. I love jojo and he is one of the nicest fish i have ever meet.

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mark - 2004-08-24
I currently have 3 Ryukin Goldfish. The largest is about 5 inches long now and still growing. They are my first fish and now Ive moved into keeping a warm water tank also with some Tetras, Corydoras and an Angel. The Ryukins started in a five gallon tank and then moved up to a 10, then a 35 gallon tank. A Betta became the recipient of the five gallon tank. Altogether I currently care for 24 fish and am about to undertake a River Tank setup.

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crystal - 2004-08-23
My Bruno Aries Tetra has such a personality! He is ina community tank with black neons and neon tetras, and schools well with them, and not agressive towards them at all. When I come up to the tank, he always swims over to whatever side I am on as if to say hi.

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Anonymous - 2004-08-22
I have 2 Shubunkins called Tidus and Rebound. They are beautiful fish and get on well with my other fish1

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melvyn - 2004-08-21
i have a nicaraguin in a tank with other central american cichlids and she is the boss of the tank


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