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Cassidy Jones - 2004-10-22
I have had up to 30 Comet goldfish at a time, and I love them! Contrary to popular belief, they live longer than a week. Ive had my feeder comets for a year, and they are still going strong! I do not believe they are a good beginner fish, because they require a lot of cleaning. they have fast metabolisms, so they are constantly eating and extricating. I have two undergravel filters and one power filter in my ten gallon tank, and that seems to be the minimum to keep the water clear for two weeks. Then I do a partial water change. There are currently ten small comets and shubun comets in there. I do not believe in keeping them in "goldfish bowls" either, unless you are willing to clean them out every other day! That would be hard on the fish, so I dont suggest it. Those of you who keep healthy goldfish, enjoy!

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jason, 10 - 2004-10-20
I had a betta fish, he lived for 2 years in a small tank then, i trained it to jump. And I bred them. My male is red and the female is blue. the babies are blue, red, and mud color. i fed them frozen brine shrimp

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Jonny - 2004-10-18
I have a couple of Chinese Algae Eaters in my tank. I must say that they do a great job in cleaning up the algae and uneaten food that settles at the bottom of my tank. They are quick swimmers and are fun to watch. There are just two things I am not very fond of these fish. They are territorial and quite aggressive. They attack the other residents in my tank (platties). They maybe good algae eaters but they also create lots of waste.

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Panther86 - 2004-10-17
I had mollies before my iridescents. I have only had them a couple of weeks and I can already notice a HUGE difference in feeding traits! They are the kind of aquarium fish you can sit and watch all day. I was slightly disappointed when I found out they are not generally a breeding fish. I would love to breed and sell them like I did my mollies. But they are good fish for pets, too.

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Keith Hunter - 2004-10-16
I think these fish r great. they add color to a tank and they do well in a 6.5ph level. very small but can still be seen by all.

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Elizabeth - 2004-10-16
My black moor is very interesting. He OR she scavenges around for food all the time and eats a lot. Montley cracks me up! We have an angelfish, 2 plicos, an upside down catfish, a glass catfish, another goldfish, and 2 algae eaters. They all do fine together. They have NEVER fought and the tank stays pretty clean since there are 2 golfish eating debris and 2 algae eaters! He is easy to take care of, so I recommend getting a black moor if you want a pretty fish that is easy to take care of.

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pris - 2004-10-16
i just got my 65 gal set up and have 4 adult parrots and 4 smaller ones that have no color yet. albino now. due to sad events i aquired about 20 of them and 6 tanks 40-65 gals. my brother took the rest. they are very happy at this point and am looking forward to creating lots of caves and hiding places to make them happier. they were owned by a friend of mine and he had no trouble breeding them. lots of babies. hope i can do as well.

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darrell - 2004-10-15
I think the kissing gouramii is nice and beautiful

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Jordan Dangerfield - 2004-10-14

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Matt - 2004-10-13
I just got a red tail catfish. He is about 4 inches long right now. Wow these things get huge.


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