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alysha - 2004-12-22
My black moor was left in a hotel room to die, by some horrible person. so my boyfriend who cleans hotel rooms brought him home for me. sprinkles is now a happy 2 year old, my mom got me a bigger tank for him for christmas so i am very excited to get him acquainted with it!! my sprinkes is so cute, and a very special part of my life!

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Moe Thet Khin - 2004-12-21
I have 3 opaline Gouramis, a platy, 4 tiger barbs, 4 catfish, 3 guppies and 2 Zebra danios. The two bigger ones tried to attack the smaller one. The biggest one attacked the smaller one on the tail so the smaller one cannot swim with its tail because its tail is bent. it has to swim with its fins. When I feed the food it cannot even come to the surface to eat, so it had been starving for 2 days. my father decided to change it into an empty tank, then he (my father)can feed the small opline Gourami. I hope it will be better in a few days.

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jaycee - 2004-12-17
I own a gorgeous multi-coloured male betta named Malachi (mal-ah-kai). He is my first betta and is very lovely with his red, blue, purple and green colours. Whenever I get home and go to his tank he will swim up and happily greet me. The very funny thing about Malachi is that whenever I hold up a mirror in front of him he never puffs up. The reason for the mirror technique was to make him think there is another male betta invading his territory, therefore tries to ward it off by puffing up (which is also good exercise for any betta). Recently I got Malachi a female companion named Hadassa so they may breed. She is a pearly white betta with yellow lining on her fins.

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Allison - 2004-12-16
I have a 30 gallon tank and and have had red capped orandas for almost a year now. Right now, I have 4 that are the size of a tennis ball and they are just delightful to watch. Those who share this fish hobby must get a red capped oranda to experience the serenity of the breed.

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Amy - 2004-12-14
Great when young but unsuitable for a community aquarium when larger. Ours has attacked and killed a number of fish that have wandered into "his" cave, including a microglanis, fat sleeper goby and a keyhole. We are now considering what to do with ours!

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Michael Crespi - 2004-12-12
How did you get him to hold still to take that picture? They are always darting all over the place. I like them because they liven up the tank. I always keep them with some cichlids. I just had two die today rather suddenly for no apparent reason with a pair of Bala Sharks. All I did was a routine water change and they were dead in two hours. I had that happen once before many years ago. One of the foods I feed my fish is beefheart. The Tinfoils devour it. They grow fast an big too. So do my cichlids.

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Brenda - 2004-12-12
I have 1 calico oranda goldfish in a 5 gallon tank with a black moor. They are both doing great. The oranda loves to nudge around the moor and eats like there is no tommorow. He comes to the surface where I can hand feed him. When he sees me he blows bubbles and gurgles water. So does the black moor. Funny eh?

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Dennis - 2004-12-12
I bought one of these along with a texas cichlid, a plecostamous, an algae eater, and a few other cichlids. He was extremely territorial, and killed most of my fish. the last fish, a texas cichlid just swam at the top of the tank on some plants, half dry and baked out of water, hoping to evade the electric yellow fishes wrath.

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destiny - 2004-12-10
I have Mollies of all colors, sailfins to plains. i have good luck with raising and breeding. i have been able to help stock our local pet store. i have kept babies in with the regular breeders and i find they do just
as well hiding on their own. i really
enjoy my fish. i also have africian cichlids that are approx. 4-5 inches long. 2 are convicts, one is an electric yellow and there are 3 others.

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Tammie - 2004-12-09
Very attractive looking fish, although I lost one to ICK, The other survived when I treated him in a smaller 10 gallon tank with ICK Clear. I bought another to keep him company, but lately they have been chasing each other around and obviously nipping at each others fins. I guess they are somewhat territorial with their own species. They get along great with my other fish. I have a Bala Shark, Pictus catfish, black fin shark, rainbow shark, Common Pleco, and a Siameese Tiger Fish. The Black Fin is a little aggresive though. My two silver tips are always available to watch, as they never hide.


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