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Konnor - 2005-02-02
I call my Chinese Algae Eater "The Poopinator" because all the little bugger does is POOP. He guards his cave under the turtle on the rock and chases my albino corys if they get too close him. Oddly enough, he leaves the Pleco alone. He is now almost 6 inches long and I am seriously considering taking him back to the pet store as he has killed my ghost cats and my bleeding heart tetras.

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Mark Cieslak - 2005-02-01
It is a great and beautiful fish that is very lively.

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Delia - 2005-01-31
Hi Everyone! Bettas are my personal favorite and its so great to see other people that can appreciate the soul of these little creatures. Anyhoo, I just got my 5th Betta from a petstore 4 days ago. He was kept in dirty water with females who had nipped his fins to shreads. He also had large Anchor worms on his fins. Medications against parasites usually lower the fishes resistance to disease and sometimes dont even kill the parasites. I carefully removed the anchor worms with a tweezer and now have my new friend in an isolation tank (75 degrees, PH 7.0) treated with Melafix and stress coat, performing daily 100% water changes. He is already growing back his fins, swimming around happily, and his anchor worm wounds are healing up quick. Im thrilled at this turnaround and recommend melafix highly for the treatments of open wounds and fin growth :} Just thought I would share.

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jim - 2005-01-30
Hey i think guppies are great fish i have king cobra guppies and lyre tails. I breed them and the only thing i can tell people who are thinking about getting into the guppie business is KEEP THE DIFFERENT STRAINS OF GUPPIES SEPARTAE! because the pet store that you are selling them to will want to know what kind they are.

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Peter - 2005-01-29
I have just bought a WHITE SPOT BRISTLE NOSE ANCISTRUS TODAY. seems to have settled straight into community tank life, going straight into action cleaning the algae from the glass. looks just like the predator in the films with out its mask on. will post again soon

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crystal - 2005-01-29
Bubble-eyed fish are adorable, easy to take care of, and fun! They are entertaining for people of all ages and especially funny for kids. A great fish for teens.

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chris howard - 2005-01-27
thanks for the info from all who have posted. I have recently bought my chocolate catfish and thought that it was poorly because of its bizarre patterns. There have been a number of times I thought it was dead! I worried that it didn`t seem to eat too well but you have allied my fears. I hope mine will last as long as some of the stories ive read

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Sharon - 2005-01-27
These little guys are the greatest. I have an assortment of them...2 red flame, 2 neon blues and 2 blues in a 55gal. community tanka, And then two 3 spots in a 10 gal. they all come and eat the frozen bloodworms and tubifex from my hand when I feed. I love them and they are very friendly.

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Rickie - 2005-01-27
I have 5 of these fish. I adore them as they are wonderful to watch, however they are gluttons. they are extremely lively and very very territorial and they do not get along with other fish well at all. In 2 months they have consumed 1 Angel fish, 1 Gourami, 1 upside down catfish and yesterday I caught one with the tail of a sucking catfish hanging out of its mouth. So peaceful stikes me as amusing, I would not recommend them for community tanks at all. I feed them well twice daily.

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Kevin - 2005-01-26
It is 26 January 2005. I purchased two lace catfish in April 2004. They were about 1.5 inches from tip of head to tip of tail when I purchased them. they are now about 4.0 inches now! They are fed various food; wafers, flake, chiclids pellets, live earthworms, chicken, etc. They seem to be nocturnal; I do not see them often during the day. They prefer to stay under the driftwood or in the lace rock caves. They are very strong and fast swimmers. I had them in a 46 gallon tank with Cichlids and botia until last night. I moved them to a 40 gallon tank with Angle fish, neon tetras and cory cats. My cichlids had babies and I am afraid that they might be eaten.


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