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Tony - 2005-01-02
I have 20 gal tank heavily planted with pigmy sword plant and dense valisneria spiralis alng the back side of tank. Tank has been runing for about 2 weeks but I introduced lots of aerobic bacteria to age my filter faster. Fairly slow water flow but incredibly well filtered by my trickle filter. So i decided to put a school of 55 neons and 5 marble hatchets with 5 japonica shrimps [to take care of algae that may develop later on]. All fish did really well and not a single fish was lost due to fairly newly setup tank. After about 10 days of feeding all fish with high quality flakes in the morning and frozen blood worms in the evening, along with 25 % water change 2xweek [they seem to love this treatment], to my amazement, i have seen at least half of all neons participate in a group spawning.It looked like they are all spawning. Males were fighting for little territories, females would swim into those territories while males would start their love play and entice females deeper into foliage where they would almost immediately commence with a spawning act. By the time i get home from work i can see all females much thinner than in the morning [before feeding]. This is repeating almost everyday. I can sit and watch these little fish for hours. They have their personality and charm. They are very little fish, but if treated well and if there is no real threat to their safety they relax and surprise their owner with their interesting behaviour.
The biggest mistake a beginner can make is to try keep these fish together with some bigger, stronger fish. They are happiest if they can run their own show without being chased by bigger fish [even dwarf chiclids]. Good luck and enjoy these breath taking little creatures.

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Tony - 2005-01-02
Marble hatchet fish caught my eye in a tropical fish store as one of the most serene fish i have ever seen before. I decided to purchase 5 of them and placed them with my 55 neon tetras in 20 gal, heavily planted tank. From the moment they were placed in the transport bag until the moment of their release into my tank i kept extreme care not to shock them, bounce them around or expose to strong light. When i arrived home i turned off the lights in my fish tank and let the open bag float for about 20 min while adding half cup of the fish tank water into the bag every five minutes. No stress is the key word for these delicate creatures if you want them to keep their immune system high. Releasing these beauties into my tank was the highlight of the day. The light being turned off contributed to their calmness and faster aclimatization to my fish tank. When the lights were turned on again [after 2 hours] they seemed relaxed, but, to my great surprise swiming in a middle portion of the tank. Next day they were swiming in their prefered area, surface, looking for some flies or mosquito larve. They accepted dried mosquito larve and frozen blood worms. It has been almost 6 months since i purchased these 5 marble hatchets and for the sake of their own peace i will give all my neon tetras away and maybe keep only 10 neons in this tank. Neons eat too fast and my hatchets have no enough time to feed well. I am planning on adding at least 3 more marble hatchets as they have become my most favorite tetra. I will attemt to breed them this summer just for the fun and the beauty of the fish keeping hobby.
Piece of advice to those who want to keep this fish: do not place the tank where little kids have access and tap on the glass. It is true that these fish are incredibly sensitive and their immune system will become weaker if they are exposed to stress. Handle them with real care and get as much information about them as possible. Good luck to all fish hobbists.

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Dee - 2005-01-02
I added 3 pair of Congos (a/k/a featherfins) to my 135 gal "Amazon Basin" group of inhabitants. They are particularly fond of freeze-dried ocean plankton and all flake foods. They grew fast in the big tank which includes large gold severum,green severum (breeding groups), silver dollars, jurapari and annostomus. They add a beauty and distinction when "cruisng" along and their fins have grown to be luxurious. A spectacular fish when back-lit!

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James - 2005-01-01
I keep my snakeskin gourami in a large community tank filled with congo tetras, scissortails, corydoras cats and kribs. She gets on very well with everyone, though she occasionally picks fights with the male congo tetras and the kribs, but has never won despite being much bigger than every fish in the tank. One problem i did have with her was that she would kill any pearl gouramis i put in the tank, there was loads of plants and other places to hide, but she would seek out the pearl gouramis and chase them non-stop until they were dead.
Two things i like most about the snakeskin gourami is that they grow big, (but not so big that you need a huge tank, like the 2ft giant gourami)and also that not many people seem to have them. Most of the fishkeepers i know had not seen or heard of them, and they are not in many books.

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jessica - 2004-12-31
Kissing Gouramis are very cool fish. I mean, they are so fun to look at, and laugh at because of their kissing action. I have even seen them kiss each other. Everyone should love these fish. I know I do.

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sameer pilankar - 2004-12-29
they are very nice.they even have a strong breeding capacity.they are very wonderful.

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Robyn - 2004-12-28
I just got my Fantail today and its the cutest thing ever!

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Laymond Leaks - 2004-12-28
I have been reading about them and had heard stories about the bigger ones in the wild eating baby monkeys that had fallen from trees anyway they are really beutiful fish and they are truly great as a pet. Mine is 20" and I love her and my royal pleco.

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ken - 2004-12-27
I have a redtail catfish in a tank with a snakehead. They are both pretty good predators. I started out with about 25 south american cichlids (oscars, dempseys, convicts, arrowana) of varied species in a 120 gallon tank fish tank along with the redtail and snakehead. Now there is two! May the best man win! They have co-habitated for some time now and appear to be great tankmates.


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Angela - 2004-12-27
i have a pretty blue and red betta fish. i wasnt really sure if i wanted a fish but my boyfriend talked me into it and i love it now. i am a huge animal lover i have a bettea fish and will be getting more fishes, i have a hamster and a black lab.


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