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Colleen - 2005-02-26
I have 2 kissing Gouramis in a 30 Gallon Tank. I read that their live span is 5 years. My fish are 12 YEARS OLD!!!

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jessica y. - 2005-02-25
I love this fish! but they are hyper active. they torment my gouramies and play vollyball with my snail. But I think they are pleasant!

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Satetha - 2005-02-24
I have 4 beautiful jellybeans {pink,blue,orange,yellow} sad to say green and purple died. My four fined friends are not friends themselves.T hey are very territorial and always trying to push each other out of the favorite cave. I bought these fish because of there beautiful colors but they are always hiding. when people come over they always ask if there is anything in the tank. I thought it was beacuse it was a new enviroment. Here I am two years later still waiting for them to lose ther shyness. I have heard they are very entertaining and active.Just my luck I pick the reclusive ones. But when I can find them I still think they are beautiful.

danelady - 2005-02-24
blparrots, i now have 4 of them. one is female we know for sure as she layed eggs twice now and the other 3 to young to tell. they eat fine. they are fat and healthy. they respomd to me when i go up to tank they dont hide alot, always in the open. i just love them. dont know what i would do if anything happened to them, they are my kids. just wanted to put in a good word for them.

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bob - 2005-02-23
i have one of these comical fish he is over 26" and no problem with small fish even tetra. i have had him over 20 years and he was 12" when i got him. he loves lettuce, cucumber, grapes, etc, etc, and will eat whole prawn in the shell. he loves attacking you but it is all show. they are soft and very inteligent. i tried to put him in a large pool in my conservatory, he did not settle so moved him back into his tank. his name his derek although he is a she. would not recommend for beginners to keep them due to size and very long life.

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Russell Hall - 2005-02-23
I just got a black moor yesterday and he only has one eye. Its kinda sad but I named him squintz and hes great. He always swims into things on his blind side though

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PAUL WILLIAMS - 2005-02-23
my name is paul wiiliams and my fantail is posiedon. yes i know its rather odd to name a fish however, posiedon is very special to me as he has helped me become very relaxed when needed most. see, i have heart problems and posiedon knows this,for, somehow, he swims very near to the glass whenever i have had a heart attack and only when i have one. otherwise he mainly stays near to the back. it is possible for a fish and his or her owner to communicate through some weird sense.

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dragon master - 2005-02-22
i think that the fish is very beautful... thay are also my favorite because of there snake skin, how its a beautiful glossy silver.

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Jade - 2005-02-20
Bettas are one of my favorite fish!! I am a huge animal lover, especially fish! I have a 30 gallon goldfish aquarium, and 2 one gallon betta tanks. The tanks have a clear divider in the middle, so you can have one one each side and watch them flare and freak out when they see each other!! I named them all from song lyrics/titles from my favorite band, Aerosmith. I have two blue ones(Baby Blue, Beelzebub), a white one with red fins(Kitty), and a purple one(Sweet Emotion). They are very easy to take care of, and they get so excited when I come into the room! I reccomend bettas to anybody who is a beginner and for any fish or animal lover out there!!

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Jade - 2005-02-20
I personally love lionheads!! I have one now that I have had him (im assuming)for about 3 years. His name is Squeegy and he is extremely active. He has grown to about 5 inches long, and does not look like he is going to stop growing any time soon. I have noticed that he is quite fond of fresh peas, and is a pig when it comes to feeding time. I highly recommend this type of fish for anybody who loves goldfish. Lionheads are beautiful and they are funny to watch and raise.

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  • Vadiraj - 2010-05-14
    I had beautiful lion head goldfish which died due to lack of oxygen. . . She was stunning to look and was always very active but today i forgot to check my aquarium before leaving to office and my air pump had stopped working. Some how male fish survived but my beautiful little jenny died:( i am feeling so sad for her. . . My bad:(

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