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Zara - 2005-03-14
I have had a Pangasius cat fish for 2 months now. it was very stressed when in the aquatic shop and I was told not to expect it to live, but as soon as I got it home it immediately up and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It is at present in a community tank with mainly gouramies, 2 angels, rosie barbs, 2 reed fish, a sail fin pleco, and some tetra. I will be moving it to another tank with a couple of the largest of the other fish from my community tank soon, to give it more room to swim and grow. I would recommend a Pangasius to anyone who likes exotic and friendly fish, they are great. I am really glad I rescued it.

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michele - 2005-03-14

I have a turquois kissing gourami named Mellis.
I have had him since I was 12- I am now 24!
He is probably 9-10 inches long!

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Kyle Layton - 2005-03-14
I bought a Black Moor about 3 months ago and hes about 2 inches long. He has a strange habbit by floating to the top of the tank and gurgling water, its a bit strange. For some odd reason he likes to clean my rocks for me too. He will suck up one rock at a time, swish it around a bit and spit it out. its funny to watch him do this. Because he does this every five seconds, I named him Rocky.

Kellie - 2005-03-14
I Just got two blackmoors for my birthday.The big one is Hermin and the small one is Bob!I really like them.

cameron - 2005-03-14
I got a black moor 3 days ago. I called him Squirt, he is very cute and likes swiming around. And I also got Squirt with two other goldfish. But most of all he is the best.

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Ian - 2005-03-14
I have 1 jack dempsy, 2 black convicts, 2 jewel cichlids, 1 nicarguense, 1 green terror, 1 geophagus altifrons, and 3 african cichlids in a large tank. My jack is about 7" now, he is exceptionally colorful and is actually one of the least aggressive fish in my tank. He hates when other fish are being aggressive towards each other near him and he will usually chase the aggressor away! He is definitely the boss of the tank.

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Ian - 2005-03-14
I have one that is about 5" now. I have a good mix of colorful cichlids in my tank and this is definitely one of my favorites.

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Jason - 2005-03-10
I bought 5 neon tetras and 2 pictus cats, 3 days later I had 1 neon tetra and 2 pictus cats, lol. Dont put neon tetras in a tank with pictus cats or larger fish. Also I would suggest an undergravel filter with Neons I had neons in two seperate aquariums and 2 different times some of my neons got caught in the filter intake.Of course after I turned off the filter the Neon sank to the bottom and the Pictus cats gobbled him up.

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Dale Howard - 2005-03-10
My parrot fish have had layed eggs about 4 days ago ang just this morning were hatching. My parrot fish are a beautiful sky blue color and my female i noticed was a bright yellow at the chest when it was in heat. Any way after i left for college this morning i came back to find that all the eggs had gone, and had beeen moved to a different part of the tank.

shelia - 2005-03-09
I have at least 100 jellybean parrot fish and love them. They give me and my husband much pleasure watching as they lay their eggs & watch over them. Then the fry are just a great pleasure to watch grow. We got started with them 1-2 yrs. ago and have never got tired of them yet!


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