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Mike - 2005-03-23
I have 2 blue gouramis 4 inches long, they are agressive and have to be kept seperate from my other aquarium. I believe i have a male and female breeding pair from the difference in dorsal fins and coloration. they do a wierd dance when together that i can only describe as courtship. so far no egg bubbles.

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Preben Joost - 2005-03-22
I have 10 silverdollars and they are my favorite fishes. They are quite easily scared, so put the tank in a quiet corner of the room. Keep them in groups of six or more in a big tank. Feed them a lot with lettuce, bloodworms, vegetable flakefood. Change 1/3 of the water every week and you won

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Jessica Young - 2005-03-20
I love these little fish!They are so adorable.I rescued mine at the pet store, they sold them as food for other fish.they get along with my snail verry well,and are verry pleasant.

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Paul Toronto - 2005-03-19
I got my Nicaragua Cichlid, its been 7 days seems to know who I am, He always come out, and stays infront of me, He is about 2.5-3 inches, and WOW he is getting so pretty, he is already getting the blue/purple colors in his face and top fin! I am really glad I didnt give him back! OH and he is smart! He follows my fingers as I lead him to food!, a Great fish for everyone!

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Anonymous - 2005-03-16
these fish are very fun to care for. i would recommend these for anyone from a newbie to expert breeders. very hardy, and get along very well with all my other fish. im still trying to figure how to breed them. they are very good jumpers, i found out the hard way... i must say tho, if u have anything less then a 55 Gallon tank (if u have a 55, dont get more than 2) dont get one of these because they can grow very very large, i ve seen some that are 15 inches long.

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Lydia Alcancia - 2005-03-16
I am from the Philippines and my arowana was given to me by my son on my birthday last Oct. 2000. I love to see him swim. I usually fed him fish and heart chicken. Last March 6, it jumps from his aquarium a 72 gal. one, it felt twice while being returned to his aquarium. After three days, it died. The whole family were so lonely that we missed our arowana. we decided to bring it to taxidermist so we can see him always.My son who is in Korea wants to see him when he go home. We will surely missed our pet arowana. . I want to buy a new one, but it was said it is better when given not bought. . To all arowana lovers love your arowana because you will missed it . . .Lydia from the Philippines

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Zara - 2005-03-14
I have had a Pangasius cat fish for 2 months now. it was very stressed when in the aquatic shop and I was told not to expect it to live, but as soon as I got it home it immediately up and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It is at present in a community tank with mainly gouramies, 2 angels, rosie barbs, 2 reed fish, a sail fin pleco, and some tetra. I will be moving it to another tank with a couple of the largest of the other fish from my community tank soon, to give it more room to swim and grow. I would recommend a Pangasius to anyone who likes exotic and friendly fish, they are great. I am really glad I rescued it.

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michele - 2005-03-14

I have a turquois kissing gourami named Mellis.
I have had him since I was 12- I am now 24!
He is probably 9-10 inches long!

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Kyle Layton - 2005-03-14
I bought a Black Moor about 3 months ago and hes about 2 inches long. He has a strange habbit by floating to the top of the tank and gurgling water, its a bit strange. For some odd reason he likes to clean my rocks for me too. He will suck up one rock at a time, swish it around a bit and spit it out. its funny to watch him do this. Because he does this every five seconds, I named him Rocky.

Kellie - 2005-03-14
I Just got two blackmoors for my birthday.The big one is Hermin and the small one is Bob!I really like them.


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